Don’t mention it Emir………..

I filled my minivan with gas this morning. I thought you might like to know how that went………

9:02: Pulled up toward the pump – price per gallon was $3.589.

9:02: Let a little old lady cross in front of me first – ppg now $3.599. Last time I’ll be a damn Good Samaritan!

9:03: Got up to the pump. Took a sip of my coffee first – price per gallon now $3.619. Damn caffeine habit!

9:04: Forgot where the latch for the gas cap release was. That cost me – ppg now $3.649. Damn senior moments!

9:05: Picked my blend and inserted my card, but not fast enough – ppg now  $3.709. Damn arthritis!

9:06: Finally got to pumping. By two gallons in, the ppg was at $3.729. Damn slow pumps!

9:10: Still only 9 gallons pumped. Guy at pump next to me went in to use restroom while the gas pumped. Thought of using his pump on my car but didn’t  – ppg now $3.76. Damn conscience!

9:14: Nearing the end of the ordeal at 16 ½ gallons – ppg now hovering around $3.80. It’s about damn time!

9:15: Said a prayer of thanks that I wasn’t the guy in the Chevy Suburban.

9:16: Moved car away from pump, locked it.

9:17: Walked home. It felt damned good.

8 thoughts on “Don’t mention it Emir………..

    1. Yes, but it must give you a warm feeling that that some of that money is going to support someone else’s one night stand birth control devices (or maybe that’s only here in the USA).

        1. This problem is widespread throughout WordPress. I also do not get notified when someone responds to a comment I made on their blog. I have to go back to their post and find it myself. You may have to do that yourself (I have many a smarmy comment awaiting you). I went to the help section and many, many people have said they are having the same problem.

          1. Aha! That explains it. I have had a few notifications, and today when I was on my iPad I saw notifications coming up that you had replied to some of my comments, but then when I went to notifications I couldn’t find them

            I think the problem is that the posts we are commenting on are older than a certain date, and the notifications are probably assumed read after a certain length of time, so when I look for unread notifications my notification thingy tells me I haven’t any unread ones despite the fact that I have just had a ‘pop up’ telling me of a new comment.

            I will as you say, have to go back through all my comments and read your replies 🙂

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