Update: Cancel Culture Still Alive and Well….

If you thought that pettiness was going to take a back seat to the tragic events in Afghanistan, please be dissuaded thereof. According to CBS Sports, the University of Notre Dame leprechaun mascot is officially offensive. And, in keeping with the new “minority rules” credo of the community of the woke, even if only a few are offended, it must go. Sorry, if you were planning on chasing the end of the next rainbow you see, there will no longer be a leprechaun there guarding your pot of gold.

The woke crowd is active and at it once more

St. Patrick’s own icon is now who they abhor

The man with the shamrock is taking his licks

From those pretentious, annoying, new Bolsheviks.

The poor Leprechaun is lined up in their sights

“He’s terribly  offensive and causing us frights.”

He must be cancelled and erased from all thought

A justice deserved for the pain that he’s wrought.”

A harmless character now goes down in flames

Thanks to a group that detracts and defames

Let’s hope a day comes when the pendulum swings

And puts a fit end to these ludicrous things.

Pixie, we hardly knew ye…

22 thoughts on “Update: Cancel Culture Still Alive and Well….

  1. OMG, I can’t believe this. When all the bruhaha was going on about renaming teams that had anything to do with Native Americans, maybe 15-20 years ago (?)Andy Rooney did a bit on 60 minutes about how HE was offended by Notre Dame because he was Irish. “What, are they saying I’m belligerent?!?” Back then it was obvious when sarcasm was in play and, apparently, not everybody took themselves so seriously. Jeesh.

    • Marc, that is the million dollar question. They have to dig deep to find something offensive. Seemingly, “The Fighting Irish” portrays Irish as angry, combative and in dire need of sensitivity training. Believe me, it’s the woke crowd that needs serious counseling.

  2. The best course of action, I suppose, is to just ignore the woke!
    In our neck of the woods, the CFL Football Team, the Edmonton Eskimos, bowed to pressure and changed their name…. to Edmonton Elks. They wanted to keep the double-E logo.
    I think I could have found a better name… maybe the Edmonton Ensemble, or Edmonton Erratics or Edmonton Esoterics…

  3. (Shaking head) This idiocy has to end. A Leprechaun is a mischievous elf of Irish folklore (usually believed to reveal the hiding place of treasure if caught). Key word here being FOLKLORE!!!! How can something of legend be offensive? Are real Leprechauns upset and threatening to revolt? Is a Leprechaun army headed our way to destroy us? I’m offended by the color orange can we please abolish that forever?

    I’m glad you can approach this in a humorous way. I wish I could. This crap makes me so angry. And who exactly is offended by this? Not the masses that’s for sure. Oh wait, the majority don’t matter any more. We are for sure becoming the SILENT majority.

    Sorry, I’m done. I do love your poetic response to this nonsense.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  4. The article didn’t say how many actual Irish people or even people of Irish descent were actually offended. Probably because there weren’t any. Native American tribes have been speaking out for decades but I don’t believe anyone was fussing about this.

    • Herb, to me, the fact that there was even a survey of “the most offensive team mascots” speaks volumes about where this country’s priorities are (mostly in the toilet.) Meanwhile China is running laps around us.

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