Hypocrisy…….A Poem

As if there isn’t enough confusion about Covid-19, variants, vaccination requirements, mask requirements etc., the government’s policy on Europeans (or any foreign national travelling to the United States) is the quintessential example of the hypocrisy of this administration. While migrants of all nationalities stream across our open borders unchecked for Covid (or any diseases for that matter), those attempting to come to this country the legal way are rejected if they can’t produce a vaccination card. To boot, the border patrol agents using horses as they enforce the law are being called out as bad guys by the President who stated, “they will pay!” Words fail me at this point, but poetry never does.

A trip across the ocean broad

Has now become a wee bit flawed

If you’re from Europe here’s the deal

Your vaccine card must be for real.

But don’t despair and quit your trip

This problem’s but a minor blip

The loophole Biden’s given you

Will absolutely get you through

First, fly south to Mexico

Then join up with the migrant flow

Just act like you’re a displaced Haitian

And there will be no litigation.

No shot proof needed, by and large

As long as Uncle Joe’s in charge

Just for Americans, but please make note

Come next election, he wants your vote.

Not a citizen? Not a prob

Even if you have no job

No ID’s needed at the poll

As long as Dems are in control.

Excuse me, where do I go to vote?

9 thoughts on “Hypocrisy…….A Poem

  1. Your writing is SO politically incorrect and SO correct in every other aspect. They really don’t need all of these immigrants for voting purposes; this is overkill. Last election took care of all future elections and if you dare to question the results, you will be censured. As with vaccinations, masks, and all of the other issues you mentioned. Keep up the honesty; your poem brought a smile!

    • Thanks, Linda. It’s hard to believe what a blatant disregard for the law this all is. Why even have a naturalization program? If you just don’t care about enforcing the law, why not do away with the immigration department altogether. This is sad.

  2. This whole situation makes me soooooo angry. I’m glad you were able to find a somewhat humorous way to talk about this ludicrous situation. Lately I’m of a mind to relocate to another country. Even a third world country is starting to have appeal. This BS here is just not tolerable. Who is really running this country right now?

    Here’s to like-minded Americans who see the value of the good old-fashioned logic set forth in the Constitution. Let’s hope it never dies.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    • I’m angry too, Patricia. At the rate it’s going my grandkids won’t experience the freedom and liberty we grew up under. Their children’s thoughts and actions will be under constant scrutiny. They will be under pressure to decide what sex to be before they’re out of diapers. George Orwell was prescient.

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