Haste Makes Waste… or does it?

I filled my car with gas this morning. I thought you might like to know how that went………

9:02: Carefully pulled up toward the pump – price per gallon (ppg) was $4.09.

9:02: Slowed to let a pregnant woman cross in front of me first – ppg now $4.19. Damn Good Samaritan complex!

9:03: Got up to the pump. Took a sip of my coffee first – ppg now $4.29. Damn caffeine habit!

9:04: Forgot which side the gas cap was on. That cost me – ppg now $4.39. Damn senior moments!

9:05: Picked my blend and inserted my card, but not fast enough – ppg now  $4.49. Damn arthritis!

9:06: Finally got to pumping. By three gallons in, the ppg was at $4.59. Damn slow pumps!

9:09: Still only 9 gallons pumped. Guy at pump next to me went in to use restroom while his gas pumped. Thought of using his pump to fill my car but didn’t  – ppg now $4.79. Damn conscience!

9:14: Finally finished pumping 12 ½ gallons – ppg now hovering around $5.00. Just plain DAMN!

9:15: Said a prayer of thanks that I wasn’t the guy in the Chevy Suburban.

9:16: Moved car away from pump, locked it.

9:17: Walked home. Don’t need car ’til tomorrow morning.

9:40: Wrote thank you note to Joe.

Used my literary license a bit here, but is there even one of you who doesn’t think this scenario is a real possibility in the future?

Editor’s Note: It seems a bit incongruous to be writing a sarcastic blog complaining about this while people in the Ukraine are suffering so horrendously. But as the saying goes, “pain is relative.” Not to mention, a good anecdote makes a better antidote, especially in these anxious times.

18 thoughts on “Haste Makes Waste… or does it?

  1. We’ll be heading back to Canada in a few weeks. Not looking forward to the sticker shock of gas prices. In Arizona we don’t go very far, so haven’t had to fuel up very often!

  2. I don’t remember the gas lines of the ’70s, because I was a starving student and didn’t have a car. I am flabbergasted to think that we are approaching $5 a gallon, and yet life goes on. it’s like that story about the frog that boiled to death, unawares, because they kept increasing the temperature by degrees. Not sure how that comment relates directly to the gas crisis, but I’m sure it’s profound.

  3. There’s a reason people laugh at funerals; we need the release from the misery.

    I had a moment when I wondered if this was true, so I’d say you’re spot on that it’s not beyond the realms of possibility.

    • Hi, LA. Your post didn’t need to be clever as it was right to the point. Rather than be frustrated, doing something to help is a much better option. We have sent money to a fund for Ukraine but I wish we could do something more direct, like bashing Putin over the head with a baseball bat!

  4. They say jokes are funny because they hold an element of truth. Making a joke of the war would not be funny. Making a joke of our frustration with inflation is. Unfortunately, with gas prices rising, so many other things will inevitably cost more. Thanks for today’s smile!

  5. It’s only funny because it’s true. Prices go up daily, sometimes twice a day. I’ve seen it happen here where I live. Morning prices are different from afternoon prices. Still you see and hear the big ass jacked up trucks roaring around town like money is no object. Sheesh. I told my husband for my birthday he could buy me some petrol instead of diamonds. He said the diamonds would be cheaper.

    Thanks for keeping it real. First we stayed home because we were scared to go out, not we stay home because we can’t afford to go out. At least I like my home.

    Have a great week my friend. Drive reasonably.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

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