About the photograph

Sunset on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel.

51 thoughts on “About the photograph

    1. Hi Peter. Glad you liked the photo. It was an exhilarating ride to be sure.

      We have survived two snowstorms here in Virginia Beach and another is expected toward the middle of the month. I’ve followed your weather via the news. England is certainly having their share of storms.

      Good to hear from you.

    1. This was taken 3 years ago in Charlottesville, Virginia….in the Blue Ridge Mountains…..26 inches of snow! We never get snow that deep here.

      1. Wow! We never get snow like that! We have only had decent snow twice in my life, once in Ireland in 1981 and here in 2010 and then it was just a few inches, the problems were due to the drifts. Scotland however do get decent snow in winter

      1. If you’re anything like my dad….. And I suspect I know the answer to that question…. I did

        My dad spent my childhood wearing a baby pink and blue knitted tie that my sister made him. It only had blue in it because she ran out of pink, and then she got tired knitting so just stretched it.

        In retrospect it was very funny, but at 12 it was NOT

            1. To Barbara and Marie: Thank you for discussing your father’s (brother’s) tie on my blog. My stats have never been so good! So what kind of sweater does he like? Crew neck or V-neck?

  1. I like this idea, but my header is getting full!

    It looks like you have 70 followers today so it just took overnight to update. I’ve added a ‘follow me’ button below my ‘bloggers for peace’ widget

    1. Hi again, Barbara. Actually I was able to “follow” by clicking “follow” next to your comment on my blog. But I’m glad you put the widget on because I think you will get a lot more followers that way. Looking forward to seeing you in the blogosphere!

    1. Thanks, Dianne. You first have to add a new page and title it something like “about the photo” or whatever you’d like. Then there will be a comment section on that new page you created. You can then give some background about the photo.

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