So what’s the deal with me anyway?


Hello, my name is Al Hood. I live in Virginia Beach, Virginia with Patty, an absolutely lovely lady who, shortly aft we met 52 years ago, said those three little words, “Get lost, loser!” But I persevered and later she said “I do” during a moment of weakness. I guess she’s decided to stick it out though. We live just one block from the Chesapeake Bay. We have two children, two granddaughters and two dogs.

I started this blog in August 2010 as a way toย  journal. When I began it was mostly my opinions of events and happenings around the country and the world. Since then, it has evolved into a reminiscence of sorts, a way to talk about my life both past and present as well as the people in it. I really enjoy readers’ comments and insights and you have my word I will respond to each and every one. I’ve gotten to know some pretty neat people along the way.

So sit back and relax and enjoy the blog!

Your pal, Al

71 Responses to So what’s the deal with me anyway?

  1. Hey, Al! I just tried to email you, and my very funny and excellent message was returned. I guess I don’t have your correct email. So, either you have blocked me (which maybe Patty made you do after reading our racey comments back and forthโ€”totally understandable) or I just don’t have a correct address for you for some other reason I can’t begin to comprehend because I am approaching the big 6-0.

    If you haven’t been barred from coming out to play with me every once in a while (even if it’s supervised), drop me a line at or Either works.

    Hope all is well in your world!

  2. AmazingSusan says:

    hi al, thanks for the comment on my poem. I don’t see any way to subscribe by email….

    • Al says:

      Thanks, Susan. If you just hit follow, my posts will appear in your reader. If you’d like it my email is Just for your information, I lost my brother to early onset Alzheimer’s back in 2010. That’s why I follow Alzheimer’s stories.

      • AmazingSusan says:

        Thanks. Unfortunately, I don’t go to my reader. I prefer to get things in my inbox. Oh well ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I would like to subscribe by email too, if possible. Like many people, I don’t use reader. Is that an option you could add to your blog?

        • Al says:

          Done and thanks for following.

          • AmazingSusan says:

            Great. So where is the subscription widget where we enter our email address to get the notifications?

            • Al says:

              You should be able to see it now. If not, let me know and tell me which browser you are using. Sorry for the trouble.

              • AmazingSusan says:

                Sorry, I don’t see a subscribe by email widget. I’m using chrome.

                • Al says:

                  This is really odd. I normally use Opera browser but I opened my site in Chrome and saw the widget. I put my email in just to test it and got a confirmation email. Have you somehow angered the cyber Gods? Also checked it on my wife’s computer using Firefox and it showed up. Maybe you have an email setting in your browser that needs to be checked. Strange….

                  • AmazingSusan says:

                    The widget did not show apparently because I was subscribed via wordpress. When I unsubscribed via wordpress, I was able to see the widget in Firefox, and will subscribe there. However, the widget only partially showed in Chrome (there was not field in which to put my email address). I took screen shots if you want me to email them to you.

                    • Al says:

                      Aha! Yes, subscribing via the reader will do that. Glad you got it worked out somehow. I just realized visiting your site that I am not following. I thought I had done that. My turn to correct things. Thanks for your efforts!

  3. Glad I found you through Margie’s blog. I have been enjoying myself wandering through your posts and comments.

  4. nickhumphreywx says:

    Hey Al, I decided to give your blog a view. Susie sent me and I enjoy following the lives of other people ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve been on WordPress for a few years now, although just returned to the blog world. Look forward to getting to know you more. Have a good week!

  5. aFrankAngle says:

    Greetings from Cincinnati .. and a loud cheer to you for using one of my favorite music videos.

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  7. Barbara says:

    This is where people put these things ๐Ÿ™‚

    I would be DELIGHTED If you could accept this prestigious Award
    โ€œThe Blog of the Year 2013โ€ณ
    I would be thrilled if you could accept!
    Barbara xxx

    • Al says:

      Though I already responded through your post, I will repeat how much I appreciate you thinking of me. Finding fun people like you to blog with is, of course, it’s own reward, but when you give special public attention it really warms the heart. Looking forward to many more exchanges with you in the coming year. Our repartee is always one of the highlights of any day.

      • Barbara says:

        Me too! ๐Ÿ˜‰

        I’m wondering am I going to have to widen my repertoire of presidents for my Sunday one liners in order to keep your interest? There are just SO many Bush ones to chose from!!

        • Al says:

          No doubt you have a treasure trove of Bushisms. That was one of the endearing traits of the guy. He was regular guy….not like our narcissist-in-chief now, and the kind you would be glad to go with for a schooner of ale at the local pub. And you got the feeling he would actually go with you.

          Having said all that, I look forward to the Sunday one-liners….it will continue to remind me how much I liked the guy.

  8. Al says:

    HI Melanie and welcome. Glad you join the party. We also love France and last visited in 2009. Hope to get back again soon. I myself lived in Houston (Spring Branch area) for a couple of years.

    Look forward to reading your blog!

  9. Cathy says:

    Hello Al
    Thanks for dropping by and for ‘following’ – It was through Gigi I found you and also thought you were ex forces (civilian) so came over to see what you’d been up to. However that’s not going to spoil my enjoyment as I read about your retirement exploits and reminiscences of previous times ๐Ÿ™‚
    My header was taken in Bowen Queensland our favourite winter haunt ( a four day drive from our place) when we aren’t wintering overseas.
    Take care

  10. Barbara says:

    Thanks Tilly, I got to be the first ‘like’ ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Al says:

      Hi Barbara and welcome. Any friend of Tilly’s is a friend of mine! I’ll be over to comment on your blog shortly.

      • Barbara says:

        Ps, just out of interest, why ‘the cvillean’ ?

        • Al says:

          That is an excellent question, Barbara. We retired here in Virginia Beach last June. Prior to that we lived in Charlottesville, Virginia (Thomas Jefferson’s home). Residents of Charlottesville fondly refer to the town as Cville. When I started my blog I inadvertently ran the words the cvillean together. Tilly Bud likes to kid me that I don’t know how to spell “civilian”.

          • Barbara says:

            Well, being dyslexic, I read it as civilian first, and it was only after reading a few of your pages I realised it wasn’t…

            • Barbara says:

              I followed you, and yet according to your ‘follow’ widget you still have 69 followers… or was that just me being dyslexic and reading 68 as 69? (I was born in ’69 so this would be an easy mistake for me to make!)

              • Al says:

                I noticed that too. Which reminds me, how do I follow yours? I didn’t see a place to click “follow this blog”? I don’t want to keep you up trying to figure this out. Getting late there isn’t it?

  11. mgrcwil46 says:

    I just found your blog through Winsomebella, which was my “first favorite” when I started following blogs about a year ago. I find that there are a limited number that really strike me as interesting and compatible enough to follow, and yours is now on that list. I am an aspiring blogger – one of these days I will jump in and do it.

    • Al says:

      Hi and welcome! Thanks for the comment. As far as I’m concerned, winsomebella’s blog is the standard by which all others should be judged. There are all types of course, some mostly humor (like mine, I hope), some dedicated to hobbies, others to pets or places etc. But for pure esthetic content and poetry of words, hers is hard to beat.

      Look forward to seeing you take the leap into blogging. Be sure to let us know where to find you!

      P.S. You have an interesting gravatar.

      • mgrcwil46 says:

        Thanks – the gravatar is a pic of a tennis themed cupcake that a friend made for me when I retired from my last job. She is good enough to go pro if she wanted to!

  12. I sort of stumbled on this page because there was no new post to read and, apart from reading your stuff was delighted by the photograph of the dog. I see you were there to stop it eating the camera but it looks pretty tame to me. I’m a keen dog fan myself, and have had many of my deepest conversations with them

    • Al says:

      Thanks for the comment, ducks. Yes, she’s a pretty good pup and as it turns out, she is the only one who will listen to my problems without judging. I fervently believe they do add years to your life.

  13. Hope you enjoyed your trip! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. You may not want another award, but I am nominating you for The Booker Award. Yes THE Booker Award! No, not THE Booker Award. Check out my blog in a day or two and read all about itโ€ฆ

    • Al says:

      Thanks, Lorna. I’ll take any award I can get. I prefer rewards, but awards are good also.

      In case you wondered, we were in Colorado for a week so I was out of touch. I’ll catch up soon!

  15. I just found this bio. I don’t know if it was here all along or whether I need new glasses. Nice bio. Dianne

  16. Hi Al! I just gave your the much-coveted Rudolph Award. Just posted the poop about it. You can thank me later!

  17. You saw the post today, right? Any questions, just call my people. No wait. Don’t. They’re busy polishing and arranging all my awards in my new display cabinet…

  18. Hey, Al. Ready for another award? This is an easy one–the Reader’s Appreciation Award. You’ll love the rules–you don’t have to do anything!

  19. hawleywood40 says:

    Hi Al,
    Found your blog through Lorna’s blog awards, and am very glad I came to visit – I will definitely be back! Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Big Al says:

      Hi Hawleywood. So glad you came aboard and hope you’ll enjoy. I have a special blog planned to honor Pearl Harbor day so stay tuned for that. I’m going over to check out your blog now.

      Happy Thanksgiving.

  20. Just wanted you to know I nominated you for an award. Check out my blog! Happy Thanksgiving. ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Elaine says:

    Hello Al, I found you via Tilly Bud and her Cowabunga award. I’m looking forward to reading your blogs – they sound like good fun!

  22. Pseu says:

    โ€œYou canโ€™t sprinkle happiness on someone else without spilling a few drops on yourself.”

    Excellent philosophy!

  23. gigihawaii says:

    Glad I found you via Tilly’s Cowabunga. lol. I am going to add your blog to my blogroll and will visit daily. Aloha!

    • Big Al says:

      Thanks gigi. I will do the same. In fact, considering where you live, I may visit it several times a day during the winter.

      Keep an eye our for my blog on December 7th, it will feature that area.

      Thanks again for the visit.

  24. yearstricken says:

    You have some fun posts; I’ve enjoyed looking around.

  25. RaRee says:

    I am enjoying rummaging through your blogs. Big Al your the best!

  26. This is good stuff. Glad I found you

  27. Tilly Bud says:

    Where’s your ‘Like’ button??

  28. egills says:

    Thanks for dropping by, hope I don’t bore you to death with my witterings…

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