>What in the name of all that is holy………?


Why any organized church would stage an event to burn the holy book of another religious sect is way past my understanding. But the Dove World Outreach Center is planning to do just that on 9/11.

It just further underlines a problem that has plagued the world since time began. Religion is wasted on mere mortals. We have used, abused and cannibalized religion over the millenniums as an excuse to eradicate literally millions upon millions of our fellow man.

Extremists have hijacked Islam. Fundamentalists have hijacked Christianity. The Jews are the only ones who try to keep a low profile and still they face hostility just for being who they are. Israel faces daily threats of annihilation. They may have to go to war with Iran to prevent another holocaust. If I may paraphrase, “exterminate me once; shame on you, exterminate me twice; shame on me”.

The very reason that people came over to this country 400 years ago was due to religious persecution. What they couldn’t have known was that it was not governments, but the dark human condition that was at fault. That, unfortunately, sailed over on the same boat. It took root as fast as the settlers could build churches. Today, it is on display on an unprecedented scale. From the David Koreshes and Jim Joneses to the KKK to the misguided churches who cheer the deaths of American servicemen and women, our bastardized religion is out there for all to see.

The vast majority of religious people are peaceful, God loving and trying all they can to help their fellow man. Religion can be a comfort in time of sadness and trouble. But how does it help when the trouble and sadness is of our own doing? Like this Dove World Outreach Center. How ironic! What they are doing is the antithesis of outreach. Pray that they don’t find themselves victims in a very real sense. They are, after all, mere mortals.

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