>Beautiful moment —- beautiful people!


You have often heard me refer to the “dark side” of human nature when discussing events around the world. With terrorism and drug cartels and saber rattling always in the news, it makes one almost ashamed to be part of the human species. That’s why it’s especially gratifying when the best of human nature takes center stage, as it is now doing in Chile. I know you all are feeling the same heart-warming emotions as me watching these brave men return to the earth’s surface from one-half mile below. Words coming rushing forth at this incredible display of human endurance and ingenuity meeting face to face. Words like courage, composure, compassion, spirit and many many more.

I know little of this sliver of a country but I think I now know all I need to know. These are wonderful, intelligent and beautiful people. The bravery of the miners is honored by the determination of the rescue team and the dignity of the families. And the president is showing his remarkable common touch by just being one of the crowd and hugging each miner as they gain back their freedom. This is no photo op; this man cares.

This is ongoing and we hold our breath as each man bravely endures a terrifying journey to be reunited with his loved ones. The trials these men have faced are not over. The difficulty they will have adjusting to their “new” life is well documented. But for now, it is a scene that only the coldest of hearts could keep from appreciating. And, for a change, we can be proud we belong to the human race.

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