>OMG! You don’t know tweet speak? LOL


Seniors of the world beware!  There is a new language being spoken right under your noses. Parents have finally broken the code and now it’s your turn. If you ever hope to communicate with the younger generation, there’s a good article on this website http://apnews.myway.com/article/20110208/D9L8T17G0.html that will get you started on how to text and tweet with the best of them.

Y? B/C kids speak this language 24/7 365 and b4 u know it all 411 B/W ppl will be thru this medium. Pls take this advice re T&T if u want to know sup, K? U2 can be hip B/C u will know the answers to all the FAQs. I realize that not just NE1 can learn this without probs but it’s worth it if u don’t want 2 sound like a 4NR. I’m sure 1C u get the hang of it ul b GR8.

If u have any ?s just txt me or IM me ur email address and I’ll answer. U won’t have to W8 long. I promise that L8R ul send me ur THX because u2 will be able to MSG on twitter.

GA2 go now, need some ZZs.

Big Al

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