Nailed to the wall…..a grandfather’s tale for Fathers Day.

This will come as welcome news to my many detractors; someone finally nailed me to the wall! Actually, more like thumb-tacked me to the wall. The fait accompli was performed by none other than my 8-year old granddaughter, Cece.

This all began innocently enough. With her sister and father on a trip, her mother working and my wife on jury duty, I was called on to babysit this past Thursday morning. For those of you who remember my gingerbread house blog, you know that usually means trouble.

Always on the lookout for a means of entertainment for Cece, my wife suggested I use a long role of white art paper she had for such occasions and let Cece draw on it to her heart’s content. Great idea. What we didn’t think about was her penchant for innovation and doing the unexpected. The next thing I knew, I heard “Poppy, lay down on the paper so I can trace you.” With some well-founded trepidation, I agreed. I figured she would be happy with just an outline of me and then move on to more abstract artful endeavors. Silly me. Below you see the results of those artful endeavors:








Never a stickler for exact likenesses, she generally takes great license with my appearance and this time was no exception. However, she does get special kudos for her attempt to get the detail of my shirt design and her patience during the cutout process. Aside from the first time I look in the mirror each morning, this is me at my scariest. Darn, just when I had myself convinced I was aging pretty well!

11 thoughts on “Nailed to the wall…..a grandfather’s tale for Fathers Day.

  1. Hey Al, Thanks for the Great laugh…..sure needed it today! By the way I think that Patty knew exactly what would happen with the large roll of paper…Huge set up 🙂
    Sherri (ROD)

  2. Laughed and laughed. She’s such an engaging child and you are so lucky to be close to your girls. Loved Jeri’s comments.

  3. The work of a budding artist. Amazing likeness (the shirt) but you really must see an ophthalmologist ASAP.
    You’re a real trooper Grandpa.

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