Now this really leaves a sour taste in my mouth…….

This summer has produced a government overreach that surprised even me. In at least three states, Texas, Iowa and Georgia, local police have shut down lemonade stands set up by little kids. Claiming they need to have an expensive permit and health inspection, the local authorities extended their Grinch-like tentacles into our quiet neighborhoods.


From this:








To this:




For those of you who follow my blog, you know I’m moved to rhyme whenever another intrusive government action affects our daily lives. So here goes:

Now bid adieu to Cindy Lou, her lemonade’s all gone,

It’s wasn’t sold, the tale be told, but taken from the lawn.

A local cop just put a stop to Cindy Lou’s endeavor,

Her refreshment stand has now been banned, and may be closed forever.


It’s pretty cruel, this stupid rule, her need to get permission,

With this one act and lack of tact, they’ve ruined a child’s tradition.

A health inspection for disinfection, they also say she’ll need,

She’ll spend a lot to keep her spot, and satisfy their greed.


It’s easy to see you must agree, we’ve simply gone too far,

You’ll be perplexed at what comes next – a Lemonade Stand Czar.

Scoff if you will with laughter shrill, but on lemonade, I’d stock up,

Cause you’ll get none when the government’s done, and Cindy Lou’s in lockup.

15 thoughts on “Now this really leaves a sour taste in my mouth…….

  1. Al, You should send this poem to the editor of Cindy Lou’s local newspaper. If nothing else, she can clip it out and post it on her bedroom wall. No, wait, there may be an ordinance preventing a minor from displaying anti-governmental-regulation-poetry. There ought to be a law…

    Great poetry, Al. And I agree with you. When I was young, my lemonade could be downright poisonous and it was “let the buyer beware.” Of course, I had to rely on new customers; my return customer business was dead.

    • So I guess this new anti-lemonade law could be called Lorna’s law, right?

      Just think of how many more readers you would have if you hadn’t killed them off all those years ago!

  2. Firstly I liked the poem. Secondly I totally agree with you about this even though we are in different countries. Leaving my house the other day I saw some workman with a small step-ladder. The ladder was aluminium and on the first step was a big poster/sticker with the words. “15 Safety Tips for using ladders”. I thought, have they gone completely crackers. It’s the nanny state gone mad. MAD i tell you

    • This also relates to tort reform. Companies have to state the most obvious things because they will get sued otherwise. Thanks for the comment.

      Warning: Before reading this comment please put on glasses if needed. Do not use too bright a reading lamp to avoid eye strain. Do not sit too close when reading to avoid headache. Remember to sit up straight in chair while reading to avoid back problems. Big Al absolves himself of any and all injuries you may incur by the reading this blog.

  3. I agree it is a sad state of affairs. The flip side to this is that someone would get sick from the lemonade and sue the kid and her parents, taking everything from them. That is where the real tragedy lies, is that people are so sue happy that they must monitor and regulate everything. It is no longer the land of the free.

    Please believe I am not agreeing with the government shutting down lemonade stands!

    • You are right in what you say. However, any lawyer worth his salt would go after the company that made the mix or grew the lemons. They are the ones with the deep pockets.

      Just another reason why tort reform will bring health care costs down far faster than Obamacare (which will eventually drive them up).

  4. You are GOOD! Yes, a lemonade stand czar…but what if Cindy Lou puts up a pineapple juice stand instead, or an iced tea stand…now I’m getting confused….separate czars? Yes, of course…this can be another perfect way to grow government!

    • Well, in the spirit of the new trend toward debt reduction, I’m sure they would only have two Czars overseeing the children. One Czar for liquid refreshment and one Czar for bake sales.

      Thanks for the inspiration on this blog.

    • Let’s see…..if I recall from my college accounting class:

      Expenses: License – $400.00 (Texas)
      Health Inspection – $150.00
      Lemonade mix – $2.00
      Water – $0
      Total Expenses: $557.00

      Income: Sales from lemonade – $21.00

      Profit/Loss: ($536.00) (Loss)

      So much for our Economic Recovery and Restoration Act.

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