My New Year’s Resolution……….

Smile more. Yep, that’s it…. smile more.

I’ll smile at a stranger and I’ll smile at a friend
I’ll smile many times each day until each day does end
I’ll smile over nothing and I’ll smile with good cause
I’ll smile at the greatness and I’ll smile at the flaws
I’ll smile at the failures, as well as all success
I’ll smile during good times and the times I’m feeling stress
My smile will be infectious and I hope it will allure
So that maybe all my smiles will some others soon procure.

Al Hood – December 2011

Writing this poem reminds me of a little ditty that my mother used to recite to my brother and me when we were little. It has to do with New Year’s resolutions and smiles, so it seems appropriate to recount it here. I hope I am remembering correctly. Anyway, here goes:

The snowman’s hat was crooked,
And his nose was out-of-place.
And several of his whiskers,
Had fallen from his face.

But the snowman didn’t notice,
For he was trying to think
Of a New Year’s resolution,
From which he wouldn’t shrink.

He thought and planned and pondered,
With his little snowball head,
‘Til his eyes began to glisten,
And his toes began to spread.

“At last”, he said, “I’ve got it,
I’ll make a firm resolve,
No matter what the weather is,
My smile will not dissolve!”

The snowman acted wisely,
His resolution won,
For his splinter smile was wooden,
And it didn’t mind the sun.


18 thoughts on “My New Year’s Resolution……….

  1. Very seasonal for me 🙂 today for he first time this year he temperature topped 20′!! That’s nuts for mid April at this latitude. At least it got peter out to cut the grass 🙂

  2. That’s a great resolution! All sorts of other great behaviors will go along with it, because if you’re smiling you’re sure to be nicer, kinder, more thoughtful, etc. Thanks for the suggestion, Al.

  3. If you smile more, others will, too. It’s already happening. I’m smiling even though I’m coming down with some kind of malaise. You’re such a sweet man who brightens my day (and night) with your smile and posts. 🙂

  4. I love it! It surely made me smile and I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who’s decided to smile more. Sometimes a sincere smile is all it takes.

  5. Mr Al..that was one stupendous post…both pieces of poetry were great and I loved them ..

    So 2012 will see you Smile Smile Smile, with twinkling eyes and laughter lines…I love it .

    it certainly made me smile a BIG smile

    Happy New Year my dear friend

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