“When one door closes….another one opens”

We’ve all heard that bromide spouted at some point in our lives to supposedly help us look on the bright side of some particular disappointment. As fate would have it, that’s not the solution, that’s the problem! Thanks to an email from my “lil sis” yesterday, I found out  that a study at Notre Dame University discovered an amazing thing about doors. That is, they are responsible for us forgetting things! That’s right. according to this research study, going through a door is likely to cause us to forget the reason what we went into the next room. And all this time you were worried about advanced senility.

door 2

It turns out that going through a door to retrieve something or do something in another room, is canceled out by the door. It makes our mind compartmentalized, thereby wiping it clean to start afresh in the new room. (The study doesn’t say if it also causes us to blog long words like compartmentalized as well.) So, what to do? Not to worry, your pal, Big Al, is on the case. It’s really quite simple. Before you go through that door, write down the reason you are going and take it with you. That’s why they invented post-it notes. I told you it was simple.

Of course, there’s one door that actually helps you remember.



26 thoughts on ““When one door closes….another one opens”

  1. Perhaps if I remove all of the doors in the house my memory will improve! Not sure if hubby will be into the door removal thing though, lol!

  2. I just don’t know where I would be without your useful life tips Al. Probably in the wrong room for the wrong reason. Hang on, perhaps I’m there already. Hang on, where am I. Oh, sorry ladies.

  3. Then when I go back through the original door, I remember what it was that I was doing. Does the study say anything about this phenomenon or of the desire to use the word phenomenon in a comment?

  4. Well that’s one problem solved…did the “study” mention stairs? By the time I get to the bottom of the stairs I find I must go back up to the main level in order to reboot my mind.

  5. I have a very long office and by the time I get to the front of it, I have invariably forgotten why I went there. Not only that, I usually leave my coffee mug somewhere up there while I’m wandering around, searching for a memory spark. When I get back to my office I get a buzz from the front “you’ ve got papers in the printer, and your coffee is on my desk.”

    From the title, I thought this post was going to be about loss and rising above it..some sort of thought-provoking meander into the most personal aspects of your life. I thought…wait a minute…where’s my coffee?

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