My wife is slowly drifting away……

I don’t remember the first time I noticed it. I felt like after 45 years of marriage, we were closer than ever. But I couldn’t ignore the signs. She’d say she was just going for a walk on the beach. But those walks became more frequent and longer and longer. When they got so long that I became worried, I would call her cell phone, but to no avail. She claimed she’d “accidentally” left it in her purse or “forgotten” to charge it. When she finally did arrive home, she’d go straight to the back yard and I could hear her fumbling around as if she was hiding something. Sometimes she’d even get in the car and say there was something at the beach she had to go back for. I thought to myself, was it something or someone? I knew she had finally gotten over her addiction to weed, but was she now involved with something even more sinister? I knew I had to find out!

Alas, I should never have worried. It turned out that she was in fact, drifting, but not in a bad way. She was collecting driftwood and shells at the beach to create some beautiful crafts for display. Her talent for making something out of nothing is well-known by family and friends. Below, you too can view some of the recent creations she has wrought out of items washed up on the shore. And by the way, if you have any old limbs and branches lying around from recent pruning or landscaping, just toss them in the nearest river. She’ll find them eventually.

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36 thoughts on “My wife is slowly drifting away……

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  2. Hi, I am Mage, and my husband and I spent a couple of days with Schmidly and David when we were in DC recently. You will have a great visit.

    Nice stuff too. Like the bird best. 🙂

    • Hi Mage and thanks for visiting. I have enjoyed blogging with Dianne for quite a while now. She fascinates me with her knowledge of history.

      Looking forward to meeting them both.

      Have a great day!

  3. I’m behind on my reading and just saw this. Since you both are crazy about each other, I did not worry at all when I read your opening paragraph. Patty is so incredibly talented. I would love to go with her on one of her walks, but if I picked up anything, I wouldn’t know what to do with it.

  4. I don’t know Al, Your wife would rather fondle dead stuff than be with you. I think it’s time to bring a bit of that old Al Charm to the table. Yes, I do mean her crafting table. Just make sure to close the curtains and, for heaven’s sake, don’t blog about it! 😉

  5. I love this post for all the love woven through it and the happiness that shines through..beautiful pieces by your talented (and happy) wife 🙂

  6. These are lovely! What a talented gal you have there. I’m guessing you’d better not sit still too long, you may end up glued to something, or become the base for another work of art.

    • She’s been trying to mold me for all these years. She finally just gave up and figured driftwood was easier to work with and doesn’t sass back.

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