22 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge…..Rainbow colors

  1. Very talented gal you got there. You’re lucky she likes turkeys.

    I love those long leaf pine cones she uses. A friend in CA ships boxes of pine cones to me . Not long leaf, but the western kind..which are even larger believe it or not. I get them for my parrots who like to tear them apart.


  2. Reading blogs from day 1 πŸ™‚ Now you will see what I mean about the comments. Initially you will get notified when I reply to you, but after a while you won’t, so you have to find the posts again to see my replies
    I’m off to Ireland this evening for a few days. It’s my dad’s 70th birthday tomorrow & he doesn’t know I’m coming. I’m not going to have much blogging time….Just in case you get worried that I’m ignoring you. I’ll have a day of comment reading when I get back πŸ™‚

  3. They’re gorgeous! Patty really has a great eye.
    When I saw the shot of your bed with pine cones and feathers strewn all over it, I thought this post was going to go in a different direction.

    • She’s amazing. I have trouble putting stuff together with pages of directions. She puts stuff together that has never been done before. Life is so unfair!

    • Time to pull out my “Brit usage” dictionary again. I wish we here in this country still spoke with the elegance you folks do. So sorry we murdered the King’s English as we did.

    • Patty made them to raise money for a charity. I think she charged $25.00. She doesn’t have any more at this time, but I will let you know when she makes some more.

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