How much wood would a wood duck duck if a wood duck would duck wood?

We have nightly entertainment as we sit in our kitchen eating dinner and looking out the window.

This winter we got permission from our neighbor across the canal to put a Wood Duck house up at his waterline. Sure enough, just a couple of weeks ago, we got tenants. Just one problem. The neighbor’s beagle takes grave exception to these squatters!

Though she can’t possibly get into the house, she nonetheless lets her angst be known. Each time she gets near the house, the male duck flies out and swims around to distract the dog from momma and the nest. Sometimes, if he’s feeling lazy, he just perches on a nearby branch in the water.

After the dog finally believes he has established his territorial rights and leaves, the duck flies back up into the house. This ritual goes on pretty much every evening and appears to fascinate even the mallard ducks and Canada geese that inhabit the same area.

The pictures below should give you an idea of the sequence of events.

Papa wood duck.

Papa wood duck.



If only I could fly.

If only I could fly.

Yes! Dinnertime.

Yes! Dinnertime.

She's finally gone!

She’s finally gone!

Headin' back home

Headin’ back home

Gettin' closer

Gettin’ closer



Finally home.

Finally home.

39 thoughts on “How much wood would a wood duck duck if a wood duck would duck wood?

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  2. I love these ducks, they are stunning. Funny, we call them California ducks over here, but I always thought they looked like they were made of wood so your name is much better. Can’t wait to see the hatchlings. Mandarin ducks are the other ones that look like wooden toys

      • Awww.. a photo will do. We do have them over here, more in central London parks, although I’m sure I have seen them in Bushy Park a few years back (the gardens beside Hampton Court Palace), not far from here

  3. These are great photos. So glad to see you have new neighbors. Wood ducks are so beautiful they don’t even seem real.

  4. Al, I’m going to have to report you. You showed a picture of a duck butt. And I thought this was a G-rated blog. For shame! 😉

    And isn’t there a law in your state about Peeping Als? This duck house needs some blinds.

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