20 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

    1. When we stayed at that B&B we could see Orca whales feeding in that water from the veranda, but we needed binoculars. I heard it is up for sale now if you are interested.

  1. Great minds think alike, my ‘Escape’ photo is of the sea and a boat too…. There is great freedom in the vastness of the sea, especially as the land disappears

  2. This is a picture of what paradise would look like to me, or at least the journey to it. I’m just imagining myself on the deck of that ship with an emergency cocktail nearby.

    1. Yes and no. Yes I live on the Chesapeake Bay. No, this picture is not taken at the Chesapeake Bay. I took this on San Juan Island north of Seattle, Washington on a trip there a couple of years ago.It is the Haro Strait. Across the water is Victoria, Canada

    1. You have a good memory, Dianne. Actually, it was a cruise ship in that headliner but it was taken at the exact same spot.

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