27 thoughts on “Today’s riddle……

  1. Showed Bella’s picture to Twink and Lil……….they have disappeared……..expect they will reappear when the clock strikes 12:01 of 5 July………

    • My apologies to Twink and Lil…..you can assure them there is an entire continent between them and the girls….they should be safe.

  2. I’m a lot late on the uptake, Al, but that was a good one. What we do to our beloved companions in the name of making them feel like a part of our bonk-a-doodles celebrations… 😉

  3. Belated Happy 4th to you and your Polka Dog and family. It really is amazing what a dog will put up with for lap time.
    Ask your wife to check the back of your head to see if the granddaughters decorated you too while you were napping.

  4. Bella is an adorable good sport. Just think…if the girls had a “permit” (a commonly used term here in the peoples republic of CT) they could set up shop outside and decorate lots of little bow wows. She is pretty. Hope the colors don’t run.

    • Hi Cindy. Yes, in spite of it all, she still follows them around wherever they go. She must have a masochist streak in her.

      Hope you had a great fourth with your family.

  5. Tell CountingDucks that some enterprising Americans have already retrieved the tea and are using it to “paper” Washington. Happy 4th Al and may you have a Yankee Doodle Day with your dogs. Love the art work. Dianne

    • Have you seen Boston Harbor recently? You might want to reconsider.

      However, I have passed your request on to the Boston Tea Company, which was founded when they salvaged some undamaged crates floating in Boston Harbor in 1773. They might still have a few of the originals around. Of course, they will need your shipping address.

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