No more Mr. Nice Guy……

CUR-MUDG-EON n. Definition: 1. “A crusty, irascible, cantankerous old person full of resentment.” 2. “An ill-tempered old man.”


That’s right, I’m converting to a curmudgeon! After years and years of being forgiving to nasty and discourteous people and making excuses for their bad behavior, I’ve finally turned the corner. This year I celebrated my 70th birthday. Unbeknownst to most, that is the age at which one may officially become a curmudgeon. Aging has to have some benefits, doesn’t it?

We are a select group, unencumbered by accepted mores of tolerance and understanding. Our motto, “we calls ’em as we sees ’em”, reverberates in our hearts, our minds and most importantly, in our voices! No more trumped up exculpations such as “boys will be boys” or “they might be having a bad day” or “I’m sure he/she didn’t realize how that hurt my feelings.” No, from now on, if you’re acting like an a-hole, you are an a-hole. Life is too short for me to run interference for your sorry butt.

So beware. If you cut me off in traffic; if you bump into me and don’t say you’re sorry; if you ignore me when I speak to you; if you are unpleasant when you serve me; if you tell me you will do something and you don’t; if you say anything untoward to me or are just generally acting in a contemptible manner to others, you will feel the wrath of my curmudgeonliness.

Forewarned is forearmed.


(Disclaimer: If anyone should threaten me with bodily harm as a result of my new-found curmudgeonhood, they will immediately be given the benefit of the doubt and I will revert back to your sweet, lovable, understanding old pal, Al)

48 thoughts on “No more Mr. Nice Guy……

  1. I don’t know how I missed this post! We have a few TV programmes over here you would love, the first is over now but is called One Foot in The Grave…. Well worth looking out for an episode or two if you can find any on you tube…. The second more recent is called Grumpy Old Men, and they even have a book out.

    Peter has just found out he is going to be a grandad next March. He would like to be called Gramps, but my girls have christened him Grumps. He has been yelling Gerroff My Land!!! since he was a teenager 🙂

    Children however see through him, and just laugh when he pretends to be annoyed and go sit on him… Although mine are still unsure if he would actually eat their toes!!

  2. That’s my favorite shot of you – the one where you’re yelling at the neighborhood kids to “get off my damn lawn, &^%$#!”

    “trumped up exculpations” – very elegant, Professor Al.

    • You must have known, Peg. Unfortunately, the neighbors kids were the first ones to threaten to beat me up, so I ended up apologizing to them. (with various exculpations)

  3. Best picture of you ever! And good for you for refusing to put up with unpleasant people! I usually just go home and stew about it, but it’s good to know that in a few years I will be able to stand up to these people.

    • Since you are a good friend, but way too young, I’ll see about getting you an honorary membership. George, being the baby of the group, will have to wait another year.

  4. giggles and guffaws

    I had a few of these moments this morning.
    I wasn’t my best.
    I have crap allll over my side of the street, and the hose has a hole in it.
    WHYYYYYYYYYYYY is it that I can only see the crummitude AFTER?!?

  5. You’re in good company…I’ve been a curmudgeonette for a few years now. I’m tired of people hugging my rear bumper, swerving, shining their bright blue headlights into my eyes, swerving, running red lights, passing me on the right…and that’s just on the road. All the rest of the twerps are in WalMart. I think yellow labs are much nicer, and I think you’d agree.

    • Abso-frickin-lutely, Cindy! Thanks for giving me my new credo “More labs, less people!”

      As your reward, you may cuss out the next person who cuts in front of you in line and says, “I just have quick question for the clerk.”

  6. How l agree with you Al..l am now 74 and like you l have come to the conclusion that enough is enough and that life is too short to take the bad manners, bad thoughts and behaviour which the modern generation considers to me the norm. I speak what l feel, I say what I want and if someone don, t like it…….hard luck

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