The Olympics….my take.

Will they never learn? Recently another blogger posted 5 questions about the ongoing 2014 Winter Olympics, and sports in general, for readers to answer. I tried my best to be serious…really I did. I almost had it posted when that little gremlin that sits on my shoulder erased it and posted this instead:

1. QHave you watched or do you plan to watch any of the 2014 Olympics?

A. No. And I won’t until they make Synchronized Bobsledding an Olympic sport.

2. QWhat is your favorite winter Olympic event? Would you ever want to be an expert in that sport?

A. Avalanche Avoidance – mixed pairs. I could easily be the expert official that starts the avalanche with my 12 gauge.

3.QHave you ever met an Olympic athlete?

Yes. My great-nephew is a track star for Olympic High School in Bremerton, Washington.

4. QDo you have a favorite athlete? Name sport.

A. Toss up between Lance Armstrong and Alex Rodriguez. The sport: Individual injecting of performance enhancing drugs – dominant butt cheek only.

5. What is your favorite exercise or sport? Is there a reason why?

A. Making wall shadow puppets. I am the reigning world champion in the  category of “professional wall puppeteers.” Here is my winning entry from last year:


19 thoughts on “The Olympics….my take.

  1. You should be a sports commentator. I watched some snow board event, and I don’t think they could update any dictionary fast enough to tell me what the reporters were saying, but they were certainly excited. I turned off the programme before the end so I don’t know who won !

    • You are right, ducks. They have added so many esoteric sports to the Olympics that old folks like myself have to run to a sports encyclopedia to find out what we’re watching. As for being a commentator, I don’t think you’d want that profession set back that many years.

  2. Avalanche Avoidance sounds like a thriller. Surely it will be added to the games in the near future. I hope you didn’t strain anything doing those amazing shadow puppet tricks. Have you heard Jerry Seinfeld’s Olympic comedy? His favorite is the bobsled, what sled? That’s just Bob…
    His version is funnier, that’s why he gets primetime and I’m still writing a blog.

    • You probably don’t know this but I was an uncredited writer for the Seinfeld Show. I didn’t want all the money and notoriety to affect my simple lifestyle. I’ve managed that pretty well don’t you think?

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