The face that launched a thousand tips…….

This is “Buddy”: Buddy 2

Buddy is a Cavachon puppy who came down with canine parvovirus. Buddy’s chances weren’t good, but then something strange and beautiful happened.

We have had a Cavachon for a year and a half. Recently, I joined a forum on Facebook for Cavachon owners. We exchange pictures and videos of our fur babies, ask and give advice on training them, and just generally enjoy talking about the love and happiness they bring into our lives. We’re a close-knit group. Closer than we ever imagined.

When word came out from her owners that Buddy was sick, the whole forum took note. Buddy was in bad shape and the vet was not encouraging about his chances. It’s a serious virus and is especially dangerous for puppies with little immune system built up. The fatality rate is 90%.

Then someone on the forum asked if there was anything we could do to help. Someone else suggested raising money to help with the vet bills, as Buddy was going to be there a long time, if he survived at all. The administrator of the forum wasted no time in setting up a donation site at

The outpouring of support was unbelievable! Within two days, $1000 had been raised to help with Buddy’s expenses. The forum was flying with updates about Buddy’s recovery and when (and if) he would come home. But it was still tense right up until the owners posted that he was showing signs of returning to normal eating and playing activities at the vet. And then, the news that he had come home to his family.

Cavachon owners all over the world had taken part in this vigil and now Buddy is a part of all our families. You see, there is much good in this world and often it takes a dog to show us about something we all have in common…!

Here is Buddy, finally home, and I think he is saying with that heart-melting look, “I agree!”



27 thoughts on “The face that launched a thousand tips…….

  1. How sweet!!
    I’m really hoping Wilson’s puppy dog eyes will raise me enough money to buy a super new lens for my camera!! (And a splash protector for the thousands of times that he shakes on it!!). Your story has given me new hope 🙂

    • We’re starting a new fundraising immediately. We’re calling it the “Barbara really needs the money for a new lens and splash protector!” fund. So far there is one American dollar in it (mine).

  2. I have been following little Buddy’s journey through the group for the last week and can not be more relieved that he is okay. It’s amazing how such a tiny puppy can inspire thousands. Love to Buddy and his family! XX

    • Yes, Jennifer, it’s been a unique and rewarding experience. Who knew little Buddy could knit so many hearts together?

      Thank you so much for commenting. Come back again.

  3. I belong to several Online parrot companion groups. We get pretty excited when one is ill, dies, is lost, or stolen. Yes, parrots are sometimes stolen by parrot thieves. Parrots aren’t dogs, but we love our feathered friends and rally on their behalf.

    I don’t belong to a Pomeranian group, although I’ve had four of them, two now deceased and very long lived. However, Many parrot owners also have dogs and we end up exchanging dog tales very often. One gal owns wolves and we rally for them too. So, you see, you are not alone in your online connections.

    Good for Buddy, and yes he is soooo cute. Dianne

  4. Love flowing happily through your story and little Buddy’s face … your words brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing Al. Love is all…Xx

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