A July 4th hurricane….how apropos.

As we hunker down here in Virginia Beach, watching trees bend beyond horizontal and sideways rain, it occurs to me that this day, 238 years ago, was a prelude to a hurricane of another order. That day, 56 men signed a document that was sure to bring disharmony to their lives, if not an end to them altogether.

That this country has prevailed through myriad trials, travails and tribulations is a testament to what forethought these men had as they withstood the hurricane winds of despotic rule. Let’s take a moment today to appreciate the freedom wrought by their brave and forward thinking actions.

And pray we don’t denigrate their struggle by giving it all away.

Happy 4th of July from your pal, Al.

If you’re interested, here’s a link to a poem I wrote to commemorate this day, on July 4th 2011: https://thecvillean.wordpress.com/2011/07/01/a-tribute-in-poem-to-our-nations-upcoming-birthday/

18 thoughts on “A July 4th hurricane….how apropos.

  1. Nice poem! Studying history in the process of earning my recently acquired Master’s degree gave me more information about this time. The new-new revisionist history is rediscovering what our grandparents knew. This is a great country. Grandest on earth. In fact, I can’t fathom how these people who caused all the trouble and actually succeeded in 1775-1776 did it. And they were not young hippie kids on drugs! This was a group of farmers who took on the British Empire.

    Folks like Bill Ayers are so fu**ed up its scary to think how many youngsters he has corrupted. Fortunately, there are many kids (like our grand kids) who have different experiences.

  2. Our flag is flying, and we are watching “A Capitol Fourth” on PBS….. Attended a Little League game this AM, now just need a slice of apple pie!

    What a fortunate thing to be born an American….and not to be forgotten…..also a responsibility requiring us to take an active part in protecting what that brave and brilliant group of men bequeathed to us and many have lost their lives defending. We sure are messy and have big problems, but in comparison to many of the nations of this world, our freedoms are breathtakingly wonderful.

  3. How timely! Just finished watching 1776. Bitter debate on whether to permit slavery in the new nation. Disappointed northerners swallowed a bitter pill and agreed to strike the provision that would outlaw that practice. They kept their eyes on the greater prize – unification. Get what you can, when you can, and come back for more at a later day. Happy Fourth, Pal Al.

    • Well said, Bernice. I watched “John Adams” again. What a moving tribute to him and his erudite wife who shaped much of this country.

  4. So true, Al. Happy Independence Day. We were thinking about you last night when the weather radio alerted us to the tornado warning over there. It’s creepy when your own street/neighborhood show up on those maps!

    • Yes, that was worrisome, Patti. Our son called us at 1:15 am from western North Carolina to tell us of the tornado warning.

    • Thanks, ducks. If all Englishmen in 1776 had been like you, we’d all be still be saying “long live the King” instead of “I pledge allegiance to the flag.” And gladly. Your class is always evident, but never more so than today. Again, thank you.

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