14 thoughts on “Truth in advertising?

  1. Our country has just launched into its own election mode so I’ve got quite enough going on here thanks. (But it is a funny juxtaposition.)
    Here’s a funny joke for you. This election campaign is going to be EIGHT WEEKS long. That’s the longest federal election campaign since the 1960s. How will we survive??

    • Whoa! This was just an article about a funny sign situation. You see them all the time on Facebook. The woman is being investigated by the FBI after all. Everybody laughs about Trump jokes. Where’s the love for Hillary jokes?

      • Sorry. I get emotional about the political situation. Hillary has her faults for sure. And FB is awful. I’ve had to block several “friends” who never get tired of passing along lies about Hillary’s record.

      • And yes, the FBI is investigating. So far there seems to be no smoking gun. Intent to subvert the law seems highly unlikely based on what they’ve uncovered so far. Disobeying some minion issuing “orders” from the White House is not a crime.

        Even if she is knocked out for some reason, I will not vote for Rump.

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