A funny thing happened on the way to Christmas……….yet again!

As has become my custom, I am reposting the Christmas poem I wrote for all my blogging friends a few years ago. If you are a new follower, I hope you will enjoy reading it for the first time. For the “old-timers”, see if it still gets a smile or two out of you.

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the sphere,
Not a blogger was stirring, not a click could you hear.
Their processors silent, their publishing done,
No comments got posted, not one single one.

WordPress fanatics were all snug in their beds,
While thoughts of “Discovered” danced in their heads.
But warm in his jammies, though his nightcap amiss,
Big Al was up thinking and waiting for Kris.

Old Kringle himself was now flying about,
And Al knew that this house was soon on his route.
He wanted to leave something special for him,
Since with cookies and milk he’d be filled to the brim.

So he pondered and thought “What would Santa like most?
Since I want him to think I’m a really good host.
I know he’ll be tired and needing some pep,
Whatever I do must put spring in his step.”

So he thought and he thought and he pondered some more,
Then just like a lion, let out with a roar.
“I’ll write him a blog, he’ll love it for sure,
He’ll laugh when he reads it, then finish his tour!”

Yes, this was a project he just couldn’t shirk,
A masterpiece blog must come from this work.
So he sat at the keyboard all ready and hyped
Looking for just the right words to be typed.

But before he wrote much, he started to doze,
Then went out like a light from his head to his toes.
He slumped in the chair, not hearing a sound,
Not hearing the bells as they circled around.

The reindeer and sleigh came up in a hurry,
But sleepy-head Al was immune to the flurry.
Then Santa bounced in and to his surprise,
There sat a tired blogger, unable to rise.

So he brushed off his boots and he put down his pouch,
And helped the worn blogger get onto the couch.
With Al nestled in, still sawing those Zs,
Santa sat himself down, now completely at ease.

Soon Christmas arrived and the rays of the sun,
Awakened poor Al, now his restful night done.
Then he saw his computer, then remembered his task
“Why didn’t I finish?!” was all he could ask.

With much disappointment he went to the screen,
Getting ready with sadness to wipe it all clean.
When all of a sudden he noticed below,
That something was written that he didn’t know.

He wondered out loud “who could this have been?”
Then he looked at each line and broke out in a grin.
His smile grew larger with every mouse click,
For now he was sure that it came from St. Nick.

“Don’t worry dear blogger, your effort was great,
I know in my heart that your writing’s first-rate.
Just because you got tired, don’t feel that you failed,
I know that your blogs will all henceforth be hailed.”

“So stay at that keyboard and on my behalf,
Keep posting those blogs that make everyone laugh.
And pass on the message I leave with delight,
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!”

Al Hood 2011

23 thoughts on “A funny thing happened on the way to Christmas……….yet again!

  1. A belated Merry Christmas from a fellow blogger who has also fallen asleep at her computer while trying to write something meaningful! Cheers! jfh

    • I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one that has happened to. It’s a little embarrassing, but my office chair is sooooo comfortable.

  2. I always enjoy your poem. ❤ Happy Christmas and much love for 2020, my Bro, for you, Patty and all your loved ones. ❤ xXx

  3. Always enjoy this poem, Al! You are the King of rhyming couplets!
    You inspired me to try, but the words ‘Christmas’ and ‘isthmus’ kept popping into my head, and I couldn’t find a way to connect them…
    Merry Christmas and Happy Blogging in 2020!

    • That gal Peg is my very good friend.
      Our humor really does blend
      Her blog’s funny and clever
      So you should endeavor
      To read it, the best ever penned!

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