A tip for my male blogging friends…..

It’s amazing how fast, one year has passed, but here comes that time again,

The magical day, where romance holds sway, to the shock of thousands of men.


Like it or not, you’re put on the spot, to show affections galore,

With roses and sweets, and jewelry receipts, which tells her how much you adore.


It must be conceded, that this must be heeded, this national day of love,

With your partner so sweet, who makes you complete, your devoted turtledove.


So I say my friends, pick up those pens, and praise her with words in rhyme,

For the day will pass soon, and then you will swoon, at the last stop, snuggle time!



15 thoughts on “A tip for my male blogging friends…..

  1. Love your poem! I hope it’s in a frame for your lovebird to see every day!

    I would like to see Valentine’s Day transform into a holiday of love, not focused on couples. That said, I love receiving sparkly things. Maybe you would too! Equal love for all! 🙂

    Love your new site too! Is it a new theme?

  2. Wow! Impressive big header photo. Spring has sprung, as they say?!
    Love the poem! Hope you and your ‘snuggle’ partner have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

    • thanks, Margy. That’s an old photo but by next month it will look like that. We’ll be going up to visit our granddaughters and taking that walk then.

    • That’s usually true, Ronnie. I’m an oddity. I always remind my wife, “this is the anniversary of the day we met”. She never remembers. But then, I got the better part of the deal on this partnership so I guess it makes sense.

  3. Aww. That’s nice.

    I hate that men – well everyone in general – feels obligated to show extra affection on a particular day of the year. If you love someone, you should express your love whenever the mood arises.

    But, I do love me some flowers on Valentines Day.

    Sweet poem my friend.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

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