Seals….Not Just Another Aquatic Mammal

From some of my previous writings many of you know we live just a few miles down from the home command and beach training area for U.S. Navy Seal Team Six. On just about any given day during the summer you can observe one of more of them running by, either on the beach or along the road we live on. It’s not hard picking them out and for the ladies it’s a virtual beefcake parade.

We have a very close friend who has two sons in the seals. One here on team six (whom we have had the pleasure of meeting) and another on a seal team on the West Coast. Of course she worries, as any mother would and though she does not flaunt it, the pride she carries is evident.

We all know what dangerous and clandestine missions they perform, the most notable being putting an end to Osama Bin Laden. But if you have even just a modicum of esteem in your heart for our military, that heart will swell if your read about the following mission, which strangely, few know about.

There’s a group we refer to as “Seals”

Who partake in most dangerous deals

Because of their stealth

The terrorists’ health

Is in for some wicked ordeals.

8 thoughts on “Seals….Not Just Another Aquatic Mammal

  1. An incredible story about the courage of the captives and of their rescuers!
    I think the most interesting part of the story was this: “And so I think anybody who finds themselves in some sort of situation such as this, where complete control is taken away from you on the outside, you struggle to find some sort of control on the inside.” In a less dangerous, but still significant way, this past year of Covid lockdowns has done a lot of damage to so many people who weren’t allowed to work, visit their loved ones, move freely in their community… and were subjected to non-stop fear mongering by the government, the media, their friends.

    • Excellent point, Margy. Sadly, the fear mongering goes on. Fauci recently said he expects a variant that will negate the vaccination. What’s the point then of all this crap? Let us live our lives.

      • ‘A variant that the vaccine is not as effective against’… that is why you get a flu vaccine every year. Last years vaccine may not be as effective against the flu variants that stalk us this year. Why would Covid be any different?

        You’ll stay on the couch! You’ll stay in your room!
        You’ll stay in a chair for a meeting on Zoom!
        You’ll stay in the bathroom – a brief getaway!
        There are so many places at home you will stay!
        – (Oh the Places You’ll Stay by Dr. Fauci) – Author unknown –

        • You must wear a mask, to complete every task. You must stay six feet from the folks in the street. Then Fauci will tell us what they will permit, and I will tell him where he can stuff it!

  2. Ohh Al, the SEAL went back for her bag. What a story and what courage from them all. It makes you wonder how many more stories about the brave SEALs go unheard. Thank you for sharing this. ❤

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