Are you free today?

If so, thank the next person you meet who was or is in the military.

Today is Veteran’s Day. We gratefully recognize all who have served or are serving in the armed forces. Someone posted this on Facebook which I feel truly captures my feelings as well:

I wrote the following as a feeble attempt to honor all who serve:

They march and they sail, and they fly

While we sleep, they guard land, sea, and sky

From their homes they are taken

To lands God forsaken

To answer the next battle cry.

Their lives are oft times uprooted

And our praise is too often muted

Every year in November

On this day we remember

Their valor is never disputed!

So, off goes my hat to the vet

They always give more than they get

Let’s give them three cheers

For serving  those years

We’ll forever be in their debt.

11 thoughts on “Are you free today?

  1. I like your poem. My husband and two of my brothers were in the military. I appreciate to no end these troops who give oath to uphold the Constitution. I am sad that we have not supported them in all the ways we should and are forcing many to decide between their health and their job. But for today, I’ll try to let go of that and shout, “Thank you, Veterans, for your many sacrifices!”

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