>Ego unchecked?


Are you suffering from an overactive ego? Big head? Lack of humility? Do I have a cure for you.


If you’ve reached that point where there just isn’t anything that you can’t do well and boredom is setting in, heed this advice. Tee it up. If you’ve forgotten what its like to be humble, take up the gentle-person’s game and find out the true meaning of chagrin.

Now you’re probably thinking that this game presents no real challenge. After all, that little white spheroid is just sitting there, perfectly still, waiting for you to smite it. Unlike so may other sports, your opponent is not trying to alter it’s flight, steal it, or smash you up against the glass while you’re hitting. In fact, they are hushed and polite to the point of smugness. No, it’s just you against that cute little thing with all the dimples.

As for your competitor, it’s the toughest one you’ll ever face – you! That’s right, nothing your opponent actually does with his shot has the slightest affect on what you can do with yours. It’s not like tennis, where the rival is trying to make you miss your shot. The only affect the opponent’s shot can have on yours is mental. Ah, there’s the rub. It falls to you to become your own psychologist. What will it be, confidence or self-doubt? There’s an old axiom that says “whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re probably right”.

This game will lift you up and throw you down like King Kong dispatching one of Fay Wray’s other suitors. One day you have it figured out, the next you are clueless. Look at Tiger Woods’ recent play resembling that of a weekend hacker. But one thing you can be sure of; just when you say to yourself  “that’s it, I’ve had enough of this degradation”, your last shot of the day will be spectacular and you’ll be chomping at the bit to get back out there. It’s one of Murphy’s immutable laws.

Fore! Enjoy your humble pie.

2 thoughts on “>Ego unchecked?

  1. >So I've heard! My mother used to say "it's a great leveler"..but my parents could never get me to participate…even bought me clubs..no go..spent years on tennis courts though. Nice blog.

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