>Is Paris learning?


If Hitler were around today he might ask that question too. The mind boggles so at the continuing saga of America’s sweet tart, that there are few words left to describe it, but I’ll try.

Once again our beloved heroine was caught with her hands in the cocaine jar. Stopped by Las Vegas police because of a strange “vapor” emanating from the vehicle in which she was traveling, .08 grams of cocaine was subsequently found in her purse. It fell out while she was pulling out some lip balm. I know the first thing I’d be concerned with if I’m pulled over is chapped lips. The errorless heiress claimed that she had borrowed the purse from a friend because the one she’d brought didn’t match her outfit. I hate it when that happens.  At some point she even explained that she thought that package of white powder was gum. Maybe the chiclets had chiclets, I don’t know. Anyway, aside from trying to throw a friend under the bus, she rolled out her usual “it’s someone else fault” excuse.

Of course, the larger issue here is how in today’s society, we don’t have to accept any responsibility for our mistakes. But that’s a topic for another blog.

In the meantime, the Paris/Britney/Lindsey sweepstakes continue. We don’t need to wait for the World Series or March Madness to come around just to start an office pool.  This is a natural. Just pick the day and month when one of these “players” will get busted again and the closest one wins.

I make light of this but it is deadly serious. The comparison to watching a train wreck is very real. All too often we have witnessed the downward spiral of celebrities until that inevitable bulletin flashes across the bottom of our TV screens. Maybe if they had to serve real jail time like an average citizen there would be more rehabilitation and fewer funeral services. For her part, Paris says she is not worried about this latest incident.

Worry Paris, please. We’re running out of eulogies.

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