>No fries….cheeps!


This just in from Tennessee: Bruce Tuck, who confessed in December to a series of rapes in Martin, TN, and was sentenced to 60 years in prison, and who faces still more charges, tried to withdraw his confession in June. He complained that he was not of sound mind at the time because, though weighing 275 pounds, he was being held in jail on a “lettuce-only” diet. Thus, he said, he was unusually vulnerable when a detective offered him a bag of chips to admit to the charges.

This is the old “potato chip” defense and the coppers fell for it. When will these flat foots learn anyway? Can’t they see they’re be set up for an appeal with this kind of bribery. What 275 pound “alleged” sexual deviant wouldn’t give a false confession for a bag of chips. This is entrapment at it’s very worst. Forget about water boarding, this is what torture is all about. What kind of a cruel mind denies a man his junk food and insists he eat something healthy instead? This appears to be the most egregious kind of police brutality since Rodney King.

In his comments to the press, Mr. Tuck was heard to say “can’t we all just have some chips”?

P.S. For me, it would be donuts.

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