>One litter box latte…to go, please.


There’s an old axiom in sports: Don’t ever stop to look behind you because they’ll always be someone gaining on you. I guess that applies to the world of coffee houses also. Eat your heart out Starbucks because the “Bean Shop” is about to run right by you. And guess what they’re doing it with. That’s right, “cat poop coffee”.

Here’s the description from the Calgary Sun of the latest “cup of joe” innovation:

The Bean Stop in Eau Claire Market is set to start serving Kopi Luwak — better known as cat poop coffee — on Tuesday, one of the most unique blends available anywhere on the planet. Produced in the Doi Chaang region of northern Thailand, Kopi Luwak is made when the common palm civet — a small, tree-dweller Cutler said is closer to a raccoon than a cat — eats coffee cherries. Once passed through the animal’s digestive system, workers pick the seeds out — by hand — and they are processed. The end result is what Cutler describes as one of the most unique blends of java you can find.

End result? I’d say that’s an understated pun if ever there was one. While I’m basically a house blend coffee drinker, I understand how other folks might have different tastes for the more exotic blends around the world. But cat poop coffee? What about the tea drinkers of the world? Can “dog pee tea” be far behind? (there’s that pun again – sorry). The kicker to this is that this coffee delicacy will run you a mere $25 a cup.

Well, as a confirmed capitalist, I say whatever the market will bear. If you’re up for a little feline flavor in your morning waker upper, more power to you. Just don’t come complaining to me if you suddenly have a problem walking past sandboxes.

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