>"They did what?" Awards Volume I – 4th Edition.


The “did you have a nice trip?” award to the conditioning coach of the New York Jets who, during the Jets Dolphins game, intentionally tripped an opposing player as he was running along the sideline during a kickoff return. He was suspended for the rest of the season.
The “if you thought the Grinch was bad, get a load of us” award to the home invaders in Live Oak, CA (where else?) who tied up a 12 year old boy who was home and stole all his video games.
The “dust in the wind” award to the thieves who stole 400 brass urns from a cemetery in Houston, TX. Apparently they are then selling them for scrap metal. Talk about brass balls.
The “I forgot to pick my uniform up at the cleaners” award to the mailman in Wisconsin who delivered the mail while completely naked to a 52 year old woman acquaintance, at her office. He said he had noticed the woman was stressed out and he wanted to cheer her up and make her laugh. Which begs another question, doesn’t it?
The “will it play in Peoria?” award to the man who thought it would be a neat prank to throw a dead squirrel into the drive-through window of  a Hardees near Peoria, IL. He was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. I guess the answer is no.
The “ain’t it a shame when cousins marry?” award to the Swiss parliament which is considering decriminalizing incest in their country. Daniel Vischer, a Green Party MP, said he saw nothing wrong with two consenting adults having sex, even if they were related. Vischer could not stay around to answer reporters’ questions however, stating that he was running late for a dinner date with his “hot” sister.
And this edition’s “hands down” winner:
The “oh, so that’s what it was” award to the TSA agents at the Raleigh-Durham, NC airport. When he “failed” the scanner image test a man was told he would need a pat down. When he asked why, he was told, and I quote, “there is something suspicious hanging between your legs.” After an extremely intimate body search, the agents were surprised to find it was, yes, I know this is difficult to believe, just the man’s genitals. The man has reportedly received several marriage proposals since the incident.

Yep, it’s the “good hands” people all right. (http://wwwcvillean.blogspot.com/2010/11/haltyour-privacy-or-your-life.html)

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