The Abbottabad Bounce………..a poem.


It happened at night and oh what fright,
Usama must have felt,
As he lay in his bed with a slug in his head,
the last hand he’d be dealt.

Oh how unreal to see that Seal,
his rifle locked and loaded,
What panicked thought it must have wrought,
just as his head exploded.

His exile done, no need to run, his videos on hold,
Because our guys achieved surprise and rendered him stone cold.
A vile man from an evil clan, will get to kill no more,
He’s fast asleep in the ocean deep, now passing into lore.

His life was grim but that was him, the devil in disguise,
We all rejoice with united voice, at his overdue demise.
With much exclaim we’d say his name, “what he’ll do next, who knows?”
But now we’re sure he’s more demure, in his enforced repose.

His followers chant, oh how they rant, “he’s a martyr” they all claim,
If that’s the case his rightful place, is the martyrs’ Hall of Shame.
He’s hit bottom with Hitler and Saddam, and Stalin and Pol Pot,
But if you please he’ll be at ease, since he fits right in that lot.

Barack supporters in all quarters, say in the polls he’s leaping,
‘Cause he’s the man who made the plan, that caught Bin Laden sleeping.
They’re real certain, come final curtain, his competitors he’ll trounce,
No doubt at all, come a year next fall, he’ll use the “Abbottabad bounce.”


A Hood – May 2011

5 thoughts on “The Abbottabad Bounce………..a poem.

  1. I did. Three times. Of course by now you’ve read on the Fox news website that the Bama is now coordinating a new “Muslim Outreach” campaign. Meanwhile there was another jihad event…”Allah Akbar!”…thwarted by passengers and crew. Sometimes I think this president is going to get us all killed. Oh that happy note, bonne journee!

  2. ha….the bounce is on its way out…people know it was the waterboarding (which this administration hasn’t used since O was elected)…from the Bush years, that got him. But I like the sound anyway of the Obottabod Bounce! Prolly spelt it rong.

    • You’re right. Look at Bush Sr. He had it in the bag after the first Gulf war and the economy trumped it all anyway. Complacency is a mighty foe. If you really want to have some fun, trying saying this real fast three times — Barack Obama Abbottabad Bounce

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