Here’s a headline I bet you thought you’d never see……….

“American Idol blurs out Lady Gaga’s penis shoes”

Yes, America has evolved to the point where phallic is fashionable. Artistic license (spelled l-i-c-e-n-t-i-o-u-s) has reached the point where the line between genitalia and footwear is indistinct. Foot fetish is now an art form.

Lady Gaga, shock jock extraordinaire, wearing anatomically correct penis shoes sent chills through the soles (sp?) of the producers of American Idol. They were scrambling to cover up her $4500.00 pair of priapic shoes, when she appeared with the final four contestants and managed to put “men” back in the word mentor. Her shoes really set the executives back on their stiletto heels.

They used the show’s trademark icon to blur out Gaga’s penis heels in what could only be described as a prickly situation. The real surprise is how they chose Lady (and I use the term loosely) Gaga in the first place knowing ahead of time she was addicked (sp?) to sexual innuendo. Of course, she gave them some cock and bull story about not knowing it would offend the show’s viewers. In a followup interview Lady Gaga, standing very erect and wearing a newly designed vagina hat, said “if the shoe fits……”

Now, if you find this blog offensive, I assume that you have been living under a rock for the past several years. This is standard fare on television nowadays and any effort to change that is met with derision and ridicule by the elite progressives of this country. If you think that your children or grandchildren are not exposed to this on a regular basis, I have some swamp land I could let you have at a great price. Hell, I’ll even throw in the Brooklyn bridge.

I consider myself far from prudish (as evidenced by the double entendres in this blog) but at some point, should we question whether these so-called idols for our youth are setting the example we want and keep throwing our dollars at them? Or should we just accept that it’s OK as the “if it feels good, do it” crowd want us to believe? I don’t know where that point is but surely it lies somewhere between Hedonism* and Puritanism**.

*Hedonism: “A man hath no better thing under the sun, than to eat, drink and be merry.”

**Puritanism: “The uneasy feeling that somewhere, somehow, someone is having fun.”

You be the judge.

8 thoughts on “Here’s a headline I bet you thought you’d never see……….

  1. I didn’t notice the shoes, either. I was uncomfortable with her interactions with both the young men on that show and I blame the producers. When you bring a cheetah to a house party, somebody is going to get mauled.

    • Right you are pegoleg. At least those young men now will know what to expect when they enter the “jungle” called entertainment.

  2. Remembering the day when Jack Paar got the boot (sans penis) for aluding to the word toilet. How far, far away…

  3. I missed this show. Darn. Thanks for keeping me up to date with our current cultural trends. Wish someone would say “The emperor has no clothes.”

  4. I missed the shoes. Thank goodness. However, what Gag-a said to seventeen year old Scotty was ridiculous. She has made millions by shocking folks, but she will not get my hard earned money. I will save it for people like Scotty who kissed the cross around his neck after being in the room with her. Hopefully the world won’t spoil his values. Values are few and far between these days.

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