Anthony Weiner gets busted……..



“I don’t want to hear about it….been there, done that!”







“I should have been suspicious when all he asked for on his birthday was jockey shorts.”










“Sorry to interrupt, but Anthony needs the number of Bill’s attorney”







“Let me get this straight, you married a politician named Wiener and now you’re surprised?”








“Oh honey, before I go to this press conference, did I mention that some clown hacked my twitter account?”








“Look Huma, there’s my jeweler; you’re going to get to know him pretty well from now on.”





Note: Pictures from Google Images

5 thoughts on “Anthony Weiner gets busted……..

  1. It wasn’t until the 4th photo I figured out who that was. Why is Mrs. Wiener hanging out with Mrs. Clinton so much?

    This whole Wiener thing is a joke. Now he’s going to take time off and get therapy? It’s not a mental illness, it’s poor character! It’s not a mistake, it’s a bad choice! Jeesh.

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