Guess why I won’t fly U.S. Airways…………..

Is it their safety record?

Nope, it’s pretty good.

Is it their baggage fees?

Nah, hey it’s only money.

How about their on time record?

Naw…I’m not in that much of a hurry.

It must be their destination terminals?

Negative. They fly just about everywhere I go.

OK, then why won’t you fly U.S. Airways?

Cuz I might have to sit next to this guy…….

↓               ↓                  ↓                 ↓                     ↓                          ↓

About Al

Retired from a couple of professions, trying my hand at writing about the events in our lives.
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10 Responses to Guess why I won’t fly U.S. Airways…………..

  1. Barbara says:

    The link doesn’t work any more 😦

  2. Jeri says:

    I swear Al you must have too much time in your hands. Where do you find this stuff?

    • Big Al says:

      No, actually I just squeeze these blogs in between reading the classics, researching quasars and writing my treatise on world hunger. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m on my way to the opera.

  3. kathy says:


Your turn to write, but please don't be wittier than me. My ego is quite fragile.

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