Inspiration 101

Sometimes it takes someone else to rekindle your appreciation of what you have. Or, at the very least, to inspire you to express gratitude for the treasures in your life. That has happened to me.

I follow several blogs and enjoy them all. But one in particular always begets in me the realization that it is all too easy to take for granted the blessings that come with having a loving partner for almost 44 years.

That’s about to change. I hereby dedicate this blog to the one without whom I would be no more than a castaway on the island of meaningless life. My wife, Patty.

It is she who teaches acceptance. It is she who encourages adventure. It is she who stills the tempest. It is she who opened my heart to others. It is she whose love is manifest in both our children. It is she who carries strength. It is she who shows dignity in aging. It is she who defines compassion. And it is she who embodies unconditional love. Always.

I would like to enumerate the ways she has brightened my life, walked with me on the difficult path of having a handicapped child, been the guidance for every tough decision and held my hand through every life-changing event. But this blog would have no end.

I will mention just one incident that should leave you with no doubt of the truth of all I say above. A few years ago she had to undergo major heart valve replacement surgery. It was she who provided the rock to which we all clung in the raging river of emotion. With incredible calmness and reserve, she tended to all of our many anxieties both before and after this life-threatening experience. One moment stands out as the apogee of this whole event. This was in the intensive care unit, as she was finally coming out of the anesthetic from the 8 hour ordeal. She was on the heart/lung machine with several tubes in her mouth, but as she awoke she smiled with those beautiful blue eyes and gave us a thumbs up, the only way she could communicate. It was then that the three of us had to excuse ourselves while we went out to the hallway to bawl like newborns. She had held us all together and was now saying we could let it go. And let it go we did. The lump I had in my throat is coming back as I recount this. What a glorious moment she had provided in our lives.

My thanks to the blogger who unlatched the lock to allow me to articulate to you about a very devoted and loving woman.

And to Patty – I love you. This blog’s for you!

20 thoughts on “Inspiration 101

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  2. Lovely post 🙂 Peter had a huge operation a few years back, 7 hours under the knife and another 5 before they brought him up to the ICU, so I was frantic by the time I saw him. The first thing he said was I love you. He doesn’t say it that often, it was so unexpected.
    I was so relieved he was there at last I stayed with him all night. I really hope neither of us have to go through that again (let alone them!!)

    • It’s an absolutely excruciating experience for all involved. I think I remember in one of your posts you mentioning something about Peter’s health concern.

      You know, with all the stress and worry during that period, I look back on one thing that seem to break the unbearable tension. You know how they always tell you, the first 48 hours after this kind of operation is the most critical? After the first day, me, my daughter and son were sitting in the hospital cafeteria consoling each other when my son suddenly blurted out “this 48 hours is kicking my butt!”

      We all laughed so hard I thought we would pee our pants!

  3. Spoken like a true gentleman. I think you are very lucky to have Patty. And Patty is very lucky to have you. God has blessed you tremendously Al!

  4. Al, if I could have rated this with 10 stars, I would have. Reading it made me cry because it opened my heart. This was the quintessential love letter from true romantic. Blessings and many years of joy to you and Patty.

    • Blogging with all of you more literary folks has helped me express more feelings and less opinions. I feel mentored by people I haven’t even met.

      Thanks so much for the kind words and wishes.

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