Life passages and sweet remembrances….

Having recently returned from our 50th anniversary cruise in the Mediterranean, I expected this first blog post to celebrate that trip and to regale you with pictures galore. But despite my best efforts to exude the radiance of that cruise, I find myself becoming introspective.

One cannot help but look back from such a remarkable milestone in one’s life, and to savor the grand memories that our life together has afforded both of us. How we bathed in the delight of the incalculable good times and pushed through the inevitable difficulties. We saw our union morph from intimacy, to partnership, to companionship. We are now as dependent on each other as we ever were, as aging is not for meek of heart.

We saw our responsibilities change from getting to know each other better, to building careers, to parenting, to ushering our children through education and into adulthood, care toward aging parents and finally, the most rewarding undertaking of all, being grandparents.

We raised a son who was handicapped, but who has honored us by becoming self-supporting and a productive part of his community. He is a person who never fails to show unconditional love to his entire family. We raised a daughter who through her own drive and hard work has blessed us by becoming a very successful executive and wonderful mother to two daughters of her own. She has made us proud at every turn in her development.

We have the exquisite pleasure of watching two granddaughters grow up and we continue to be a part of their lives at every opportunity. As grandparents everywhere know, this is the dessert in the meal of life.

There are scant few couples who can take on the vagaries of life together and despite mistakes and miscues, forge a bond of love that endures for five decades. To my remarkable and marvelous wife, Patty, I would like to say thank you for letting me live my life with you. I love you.