Shaken, not stirred.

The epicenter of the earthquake was one-half hour from here. The building shook for 30 seconds, the dog freaked and I was in the middle of a blog (where else?). Glad to report no damage or injuries. But just to be sure, I’m moving to California where it’s safe.

22 thoughts on “Shaken, not stirred.

  1. The only earthquake I remember, I slept through, but I fell out of bed!! I was about 16 and staying in my Nana’s house, I can’t remember why, so I told her & she said ‘that will be the earthquake! Apparently it was all over the news cos we don’t normally get earthquakes in Ireland. I suspect it was actually military testing or something.

    My parents had a big row over it cos my dad is facetious and always right. When they dot the earthquake my mum said ‘what was that’ and my dad said ‘an earthquake. She got very angry with him for always having a smart answer for everything and never taking anything seriously. She got even more upset when she turned on the news! 🙂

    • Thanks, Sandy. That song will have renewed meaning for me from now on. The folks out on the left coast are probably snickering at all us east coast “wimps” right now.

  2. You used my favorite saying during an earthquake–the people were shaken. We have the same sense of humor (is that a good or bad thing?). Glad you’re fine.

    I was about 7 miles from a 5.8 quake several years ago. I’ll have to write a post about it. It’s quite a funny story…Again, no real damage (except to a few egos).

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