My wife hangs out with a bunch of turkeys!

I don't think I like your tone, Big Al!

I know what you’re thinking. “Big Al just can’t help dissing his poor wife. First, he outed her addiction to weed, then he ranted on about her purse being a black hole. Is there no end to his treachery? Has he no sense of decency?”

Well, actually no. When I see a story that just has to be told, I tell it. And so it is with the turkeys that surround my wife.

I don’t really know when all this started. One minute, I’m casually reading the many blogs I follow and the next, I find my wife in her craft room with a bunch of, well, there’s no other way to put this…..turkeys.

I first became suspicious when I noticed droppings on the floor which resembled little pine cone scales. Then there were miniscule pieces of feather floating aimlessly in the air around our domicile. But there was no noise. No gobbling, no clucking, no flapping of wings. Finally, when she didn’t come out for hours, it got the best of me. As a consideration, I usually knock before entering her room, but if I was going to know the truth about the state of things, it would require complete surprise. What awaited was flocking shocking!

Nap time at the hatchery.

There were turkeys scattered around in all stages of life. Some were in their full glory, some in recognizable form but without regalia, and some existing only in pieces waiting patiently for the deft hand of their creator to bring them to life. Lying all about were batches of pine cones in sundry sizes and form, and piles of feathers that would make a pillow-maker envious. From her work station and the adjoining debris were emerging some absolutely engaging replicas of the old Tom Bird himself. My misgivings quieted, I gently closed the door.

The real mother hen.

Hah! And you thought we came from eggs.

It turns out she established this production line to sell these “crafty” critters for an upcoming charity event. I knew from years of experience that she had clever craft-making talents, but this one was an effort most fowl.

Are you talkin' to me? Are you talkin' to me?!

Now, if I can just hide here until the meal is over.......

Thanksgiving is definitely in the air.

30 thoughts on “My wife hangs out with a bunch of turkeys!

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  2. I was hoping for a more salacious read but was sorely disappointed. You teased at a tale of matrimonial disharmony. “My Wife Hangs Out With A Bunch Of Turkeys”? I figured maybe at the corner bar, perhaps. Geez,have you no shame? Using her to gain readers like me. Will you stoop so low as to actually take photos of the mistress of the household in her bedroom? (OK, call it a craft room if you like but we all know what really goes on there.) And then you have nothing but good things to say about her? Unbelievable!

    • Funny comment, Doc. Thanks for stopping by. I finally learned that in WordPress it’s all about the title to reel them in.

      Visited your blog and enjoyed it. I was always a big John Ritter fan. I even remember seeing his dad in some old movies when my brother and I used to go to the Saturday matinees. Two movies and a serial for 25 cents. Really.

  3. Gobble, gobble! I’ll never forget the video of Sarah Palin speaking to the camera, and the mass murderers behind her letting the turkeys down one by one head first into the chopper. I’d rather look at these photos of your creative wife! Thanks.

  4. Someone who hadn’t read the post might just see the picture and start to speculate on what goes on in your bed. Not me, of course.

    Those are really, really cute! I have to admit to putzing around in my “craft” room with fabric pumpkins, but I’m having trouble with the turkeys. Good for her – she’s very talented.

  5. Wow, THAT is creative. She makes my creativity look like child’s play. LOL. These are really, really cool turkeys! Tell her I said, “Way to go!”

  6. They are Beautiful!. What a fantastic effort!

    Let her play about with the turkeys, it’s for a good cause after all…

    (anyway I might be able to purchase and get you to mail one of those critters over my way? (Darwin, Australia)

    • Thanks, Louella, and good to hear from you again. She is asking $20 (American) but I’m afraid the shipping cost would be prohibitive to get it 10,000 miles plus in good condition. You are kind to ask and it is appreciated.

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