Spam or no spam? You be the judge…….

Help me out here please. I recently received a message in my wordpress spam folder which I am not sure is really spam. It sounds to me like someone really liked my post and just wants to compliment me on it. I’m going to reprint it verbatim below, the way it came in. It turns out that the sender is a Baltimore Ravens fan and if you go to the address of the sender it takes you to a website selling Ravens’ football jerseys. OK. I know he probably just wants to sell some jerseys, but his compliment to me was so sincere, so eloquent, so from the heart, that I just might buy out his entire stock, even though I’m a Philadelphia Eagles fan. Am I too easy? Am I just a pushover for a friendly word? You be the judge. Here it is:

“Substantially, prefer to is because of reality the freshest on that laudable topic. Certainly with each of your conclusions and may also eagerly make use of your forthcoming updates. Saying thanks aren’t able to basically be all that’s necessary, on your wonderful clarity in your writing. I want to certainly right away grab your feed despite the a type of updates. Genuine work and far success in the industry endeavors!”

To help you in your decision, let’s look at it closer:

First, the laudable topic he was referring to was my page “My immutable laws of politics.” I couldn’t agree with him more. You know what I always say: “keep it freshest and keep it reality.”

I’m a little perplexed by the next sentence because I wasn’t planning on making any eager updates to my conclusions, either forthcoming or otherwise. I may have to rethink that.

Next, he gets a little maudlin (who wouldn’t) regarding the clarity of my writing. Thank you just isn’t enough for him. It sounds like he wants to sacrifice his first-born to show his appreciation. I’m flattered, but that’s not really necessary.

I admit I was put off by the next part, where he wants to grab my food. At first I thought it was because my updates weren’t forthcoming enough. Then it occurred to me that he probably wants to taste test it to make sure none of the other wordpress bloggers poison me. You know, because they’re jealous of the laudable clarity of my writing. What a guy!

In the last sentence he just plain lets it all hang out. Only a selfless, well-meaning person would wish someone else far success. And here I was, just hoping for a little near success. I’m selling myself short when I could easily have genuine work in industry endeavors. How many of you can say that?

Well, mull it over and let me know what you think. In the meantime, here’s what I wrote back to this fine person:

“Thanking for you to increase your topical reading. Having my updating conclusions to be clarity. Wonderful thanks in grabbing my laudable food. My endeavors for genuine work success will be thanks for you. Please to have many Ravens jerseys on my mail. Substantially, your pal, Al.”