A day late……but definitely not a dollar short!

I witnessed a most amazing occurrence today.

I was at the VA hospital in Richmond, VA. As some of you know, a couple of times a month I drive disabled vets from here in Charlottesville to the Richmond hospital for their treatments or appointments. While I wait for them to finish, I set my laptop up in the cafeteria and read blogs, write blogs, check email, etc. In fact, I was catching up on your blogs when it happened.

As I was sitting there today I noticed a very gracious looking older couple across from me. I was guessing they were in their mid to late 80’s. The man was in a motorized wheelchair and had an oxygen breathing tube and tank. The woman, a girl-next-door type, was holding his hand and it was obvious they were an “item”.

Suddenly, out of the blue, they embraced and kissed. I don’t mean a simple peck. I don’t mean one of those “I love you” reminder kisses. I mean a good old-fashioned, down home, lunch-crowd-be-damned, all-American lip lock!Β  They held the embrace and kiss for well over a minute.

I thought to myself, when is the last time any of us held an affectionate kiss with our loved one for over a minute?Β  OK, I mean without any extra-curricular groping going on. Time it on your watch. It is a long time to hold such a tender kiss, especially in public. And yes, their eyes were closed the whole time.

I was so moved by this unabashed and guiltless display of affection that I got up, walked over to their table, and said: “It may be the day after Valentines Day, but that was the sweetest Valentine kiss I have ever seen.”Β  They both grinned sheepishly and the man leaned over and said: “I married this wonderful lady in 1947.”

I thought about asking them if I could take their picture, but then I realized that it would cheapen the splendor of the moment. Where is Hallmark when you really need them? And where is my wife?

32 thoughts on “A day late……but definitely not a dollar short!

  1. I thought this was going to be a silly joke cos you said one of them was connected up to oxygen…. I was wondering were they sharing!

    Very sweet though after all that time!

    • Yes, I seem to recall a graphic to that effect on one of your posts. I reported it to the wordpress censors, but they must too busy in that department to follow up.

  2. It’s very rare to experience a moment like that, you were blessed to have witnessed it.

    And God Bless you for helping the veterans out, that is something I want to do one day. πŸ™‚

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