The cardinal rule of bird watching……

…Or….. one bird’s tribulations at the feeder on a cold winter’s day…

OK, nothing that way.....

And nothing that way.....

A little closer yet....

Whoa! Where did you come from?

This dumb woodpecker could have any tree in the forest but noooooo......

A goldfinch with his winter coat. I'm not impressed!

Alone at last for a well-deserved repast.

22 thoughts on “The cardinal rule of bird watching……

  1. what a delight. I love cardinals and their bold songs. This made me smile. Of course, it also makes me happy that you have snow and all ours has melted. C’mon spring.

  2. Beautiful pictures. I have a pair of cardinals (or they have me) and I treasure them. I wish I had the beautiful snow you have. You must live in the south, because I live near the Canadian border and we haven’t had any snow this year!

    • Yes, we’re in Virginia. We had a couple of 5 inch snowfalls late in the season. As an Elmira boy, I remember when upstate New York was the snow capital of the world. Not so much anymore, I guess.

    • Yes, they are very jumpy birds. If they see us moving inside they fly away. By the way, your comment showed up in my spam folder this time. Wonder why?

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