Rules for the “Community Pool”…….

You’ve probably noticed that WordPress has started a new feature called Community Pool.  Apparently, there are those among us who would like someone’s advice about what they post on their blogs. Go figure. The only advice I ever got was “please stop blogging” and you see how well that worked out. The ability to pontificate and editorialize about subjects of which I have little or no knowledge is the most appealing thing about blogging.

However, since there obviously now will be a community pool for bloggers with more conscience than I possess, there should certainly be some rules like any other pool. To that end, I submit the following:

1. Wait one hour after eating before entering the pool. It’s a well-known fact that the cells of the brain tend to cramp up right after eating and God forbid that you should inadvertently give away good ideas for a blog to someone else.

Wait, I've got a great idea for you next blog!

Wait, I’ve got a great idea for your next blog!

2. Stay out of the deep end.  Writing about deep subjects should be left to the more cerebral bloggers and then only when there are no more mundane subjects left to satirize and ridicule.

Now where did I put my Speedo again?

Now, if I can only remember where I put my Speedo!

3. Always use the buddy system. Be sure to bring a friend with even less writing talent than you. This will guarantee that you won’t be the most clueless blogger in the pool.

This is my friend Grenelda. She hasn't been Freshly Pressed yet.

This is my good friend Grenelda. Poor thing hasn’t been Freshly Pressed yet.

4. There will be 15 minutes of “grown-ups only” time at the top of each hour. It goes against everything that we childish bloggers, angling for cheap laughs, stand for, but we should occasionally try to act like adults.

I always do my best thinking during adult time!

I always do my best thinking during adult time!

5. Enter at your own risk. If it starts to feel “warm” around another blogger, get out of the pool immediately and report him/her to WordPress management.


You can thank me for these later.

About Al

Retired from a couple of professions, trying my hand at writing about the events in our lives.
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41 Responses to Rules for the “Community Pool”…….

  1. I’ve been too busy with other things to notice about what WP is or isn’t up to. A Community Pool you say? Should I wear my bikini?

  2. jwdwrites says:

    Hmm, I might try the viewing gallery: community pools give me athlete’s foot!

  3. pegoleg says:

    I didn’t see anything about bathing suits being mandatory. Just what kind of pool are you running here, Al?

  4. Pseu says:

    There should also be a big sign that says ‘No Petting’ – (always a notice saying that when I was younger. I had NO IDEA what it meant and had to have it explained: ‘No, it’s not saying you can’t bring in your dog…. no, you can’t do that either.’)

  5. Jodi says:

    Who are they kidding? They never freshly pressed me and they want me to do something for them? They can go drown in the pool!

  6. I just gave up my membership at the pool. Now i know why it irritated my skin. Dianne

  7. misswhiplash says:

    who the heck needs a Community certainly don’t. you have good ideas for writing, a good sense of responsibility and you’re a good laugh.
    I do not need one either..If I make mistakes they will be MY mistakes…I write what I feel not what I think should be written. Very often when I read it back, I ask myself ‘Did I write that’? Mine comes from the heart not from a Commun ity Pool….xxxxx

    • Al says:

      I always know that your posts come from the heart. Your refreshing honesty is what attracts me to them. I also am glad to have a friend in Bulgaria!

  8. A good set of rules as I would expect. Perhaps a rule about “no throwing of bricks or balls while in the pool” might help

    • Al says:

      Interesting you should say that, ducks. I’ve been forcibly removed from many a swimming pool for throwing bricks. Lifeguards seem to have no sense of humor these days.

  9. I like the idea because my poetry only began to improve once I submitted it for critique.

    But your rules are better 🙂

  10. angelfrouk says:

    I was ready to dive in. But that last point has made me think twice… 😛

  11. Coming East says:

    Never mind. I just read about the community pool and don’t think I want to jump in.

  12. Coming East says:

    How come I knew nothing of this community pool thing? Why am I always so clueless?

  13. eof737 says:

    Another rule: if all else fails, try humor… It works faster to clear the air than perfume does on a fart! Love this! 😉

  14. pattisj says:

    I expect to see these posted at the community pool on my next visit.

  15. michelle w. says:

    I think these are excellent rules. Thanks! Let’s hope the community pool visitors abide.

    • Al says:

      Oh well, rules are made to be broken after all. Thanks for visiting. Enjoyed your blog also, we may be kindred spirits (or is that kindred wise asses?)

  16. RaRee says:

    Perhaps a giant rubber ducky.

  17. RaRee says:

    I think there should be a need for a floatation device, then you could take your laptop into the pool with you.

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