Rules for the “Community Pool”…….

You’ve probably noticed that WordPress has started a new feature called Community Pool.  Apparently, there are those among us who would like someone’s advice about what they post on their blogs. Go figure. The only advice I ever got was “please stop blogging” and you see how well that worked out. The ability to pontificate and editorialize about subjects of which I have little or no knowledge is the most appealing thing about blogging.

However, since there obviously now will be a community pool for bloggers with more conscience than I possess, there should certainly be some rules like any other pool. To that end, I submit the following:

1. Wait one hour after eating before entering the pool. It’s a well-known fact that the cells of the brain tend to cramp up right after eating and God forbid that you should inadvertently give away good ideas for a blog to someone else.

Wait, I've got a great idea for you next blog!

Wait, I’ve got a great idea for your next blog!

2. Stay out of the deep end.  Writing about deep subjects should be left to the more cerebral bloggers and then only when there are no more mundane subjects left to satirize and ridicule.

Now where did I put my Speedo again?

Now, if I can only remember where I put my Speedo!

3. Always use the buddy system. Be sure to bring a friend with even less writing talent than you. This will guarantee that you won’t be the most clueless blogger in the pool.

This is my friend Grenelda. She hasn't been Freshly Pressed yet.

This is my good friend Grenelda. Poor thing hasn’t been Freshly Pressed yet.

4. There will be 15 minutes of “grown-ups only” time at the top of each hour. It goes against everything that we childish bloggers, angling for cheap laughs, stand for, but we should occasionally try to act like adults.

I always do my best thinking during adult time!

I always do my best thinking during adult time!

5. Enter at your own risk. If it starts to feel “warm” around another blogger, get out of the pool immediately and report him/her to WordPress management.


You can thank me for these later.