Hangin’ with the homebirds………….

Since we moved here in June of last year, we have taken hundreds of pictures of the various birds that like to inhabit our backyard from time to time. As I have reduced this to just one picture of each species, I thought you might like to hang out with them for a few minutes. (That, and the fact that I have totally dried up for blog topics……).

I’ve posted a few extra of our bluebird couple. You’ll see that first the male comes to feed and then the female. Then both come and feed each other. The female is really only blue during flight. The male is bright blue all the time. Typical male, always wanting to be the center of attention.

Enjoy. (Click on first picture then advance slides)

16 thoughts on “Hangin’ with the homebirds………….

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    • LOL. Didn’t I mention in the post? I sit there with a camera AND a shotgun. After the picture……BLAM!! Yes, retirement has its perks.

    • I have one picture of about a half dozen of them all crowding on to that platform feeder in a rainstorm. I’ll send it to you by email.

      How’s the grandma business coming? It’s a tough job but someone has to do it, right?

  2. Very nice bird photos, Al. On behalf of all Canadians, please accept our invitation to keep the Canada Geese at your place of residence.

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