Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable


This photo was taken by my eldest granddaughter as she and her sister were relaxing with our lab “Queenie.”

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Retired from a couple of professions, trying my hand at writing about the events in our lives.
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16 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

  1. Barbara says:

    Amazing how dogs always instinctively know which person or people in the house will give them the most cuddles & snuggle down there 🙂

    Lovely photo xx

    • Al says:

      Yup, I get pretty jealous. When the girls come I get a lot less attention. But all I have to do is pick up the leash and I’m right back to numero uno.

  2. That’s a gorgeous photo. She’s got a good eye.

  3. What could be lovelier than that.

  4. Beautiful girl, beautiful dog. Love kids and animals too. Dianne

  5. Grannymar says:

    Queenie looks very comfortable with her companions! The black & white gives great detail. I love the photo.

    • Al says:

      Thanks, Marie. It’s the kind of moment where you just wish you could make time stand still and enjoy forever. This picture sort of makes that possible.

  6. pattisj says:

    What a great photo. She does nice work, Al. Queenie looks happy to be surrounded.

  7. Coming East says:

    Great picture! Love the black and white.

  8. Love the photo, Al! Hey, I need your email address! Please? LCG has an IMPORTANT message for you re: someone’s birthday and recent retirements at the FCROD! Mine’s vbovender@gmail.com — Thanks, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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