31 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Life After Blogs

  1. I think it’s called books. The problem with books are that 1.) they don’t remember what page you were on when you fell asleep, 2.) they’re not backlit so I can’t read in the dark. 3.) they never reply to my comments!
    On the plus side their batteries don’t run out!

  2. I’ve seen a look like that before, without the beard, but the eyes were the same colour and the hair the same texture!

    I managed quite well being away from the computer for most of the days when I was on holiday. I actually found it difficult to start blogging properly again when I came home.

  3. I would love to be unplugged for awhile, but people keep sending me emails and then chastise me for not responding within an hour. If it’s that important, People, you can call me. Haven’t you heard of the telephone? Hello? Geesh! I can’t imagine how much I’d get yelled at if I truly left the Internet for awhile. Love the hair, by the way. Makes it look like it has more volume.

  4. I just want to say how pleased I am that you are advertising the very latest in transport as a header for your Blog, and also including a fetching picture revealing that you use the same method of combing your hair as me. Great minds as they say !

    • Actually, I think the obligation to comb your hair expires when you reach 75% hair loss. But I could be wrong on that.

      As for my mode of transportation, I wouldn’t want the man-made global warming crowd to converge on me for using a car.

  5. I’ve been unplugged for almost 2 weeks, and now I’ve got that same reaction to putting my toes BACK into the computer waters. By the way, that’s a good look for you.

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