Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow

In a post created specifically for this challenge, post a photograph that evokes FORESHADOW to you.*

These pictures foreshadow one nervous fox! **




** These photos taken at annual “Blessing of the Hounds” day in Charlottesville, Virginia.

9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow

  1. Ok Cville, Looks like you need to give a more clear explaination of the hounds of the fox hunt and beagling (which you have much more experience with). The picture is beautiful but seems to be confusing your readers. ex: are they hounds in the pic or are they beagles? Other than no horses, what diferrentiates fox hunts from beagling. I think you’ve explained it to me but do I really understand?

    • Hey Uncle Mikey. You’re right. The dogs in the pictures are foxhounds not beagles. Beagling involves a pack of about 22 beagles or 11 “pairs”. You never refer to the “dogs” but rather to the “hounds”. While the foxhounds track foxes, the beagles track rabbits. In beagling, the observers walk along and are guided by a “Field Master” who explains the “hunt” as it goes along. Anyone can get a better idea by reading this post: https://thecvillean.wordpress.com/2011/10/31/looking-for-that-wascally-wabbit/.

  2. I believe I mentioned in response to an earlier post you wrote that I went “beagling” in Charlottesville many years ago. On foot for hours (no horses), following the dogs who never found the wascally wabbit. However, all the participants met up at Whiskey Ridge (home of the Jack Daniels heir) afterward. A good time was had by most, but as I don’t drink, I found it boring. Dianne

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