22 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: What does happiness look like to you?

    • No, Peg, I’m the world’s worst pet owner….rarely train and discipline and just laugh at the puppy things they do. As you can imagine, it drives Patty crazy.

      When it comes to dogs, I’m a cuddler not a fighter.

  1. She just loves the color….it’s her favorite….seafoam green….so that’s why you can now all see it. It’s her way of telling you she would like you to buy her a lovely doggie wrap in that shade. Makes sense to me….but then, people do question my logic.

  2. Happiness for whom? 😉 I bet if you got a picture of the person who spent good money on that bed or who had to clean up that mess, you wouldn’t see the picture of happiness! I know because I once had a dog who like to destroy LL Bean beds! 🙂

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